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» CORPUS of Ioannes Dantiscus' Texts & Correspondence
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Marek A. Janicki – b. 1971; doctoral degree from the Institute of History, University of Warsaw (IH UW) – 2002 (dissertation: “The Polish gentry’s system of values in the light of tombstone epigraphy – from the 15th century to the first quarter of the 17th century”; employed at IH UW as an assistant professor (Auxiliary Sciences and Methodology of History Unit). Recipient of the Lanckoroński Foundation Scholarship, Rome 2001; the Stanley and Marta Garstka Fellowship, University of Notre Dame (USA) 2006/2007. IH UW secretary for academic affairs 2005/2006. Member of the Library Committee of the IH UW Academic Council and the Committee for Place Names and Physiographic Features affiliated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. Regular collaborator of the Laboratory for Editing Sources of the UW Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies “Artes Liberales” (formerly OBTA UW) and a participant in the program Registration and Publication of the Correspondence of Ioannes Dantiscus (1485-1548) .
Academic interests: Poland and Lithuania in the late Middle Ages and early modern era – sociopolitical and cultural changes (humanism, the Reformation, the parliamentary system, diplomacy, the royal office and court, artistic and literary culture); studies and editing of primary sources (especially epistolographic and epigraphic sources).