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Person or Institution #1602

Fonseca, in 1526 received iurisdiction in Monopoli (cf. IDT 174); possibly identical with Galeotto Fonseca baron of Cisternino in 1530-1536, doctor of both canon and civil law, advisor to Pedro Alvarez de Toledo Viceroy of Naples

Texts where mentioned FONSECA

1IDL  366 Ioannes DANTISCUS to Sigismund I Jagiellon, Valladolid, 1527-08-17
1 IDT  174 Memorial of Ioannes Dantiscus submitted to the Emperor Charles V von Habsburg on behalf of the King Sigismund I Jagiellon and of the Queen Bona Sforza, with inserted replies from the Secretary of the Emperor, Alfonso de ValdĂ©s    [Mantua]    [shortly before 1530-04-19]