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Heinrich EHINGER

Heinrich EHINGER (Enrrico Eynger) (†ca. 1537)

Correspondence between Dantiscus and Heinrich EHINGER

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1IDL 6503     Ioannes DANTISCUS to Heinrich EHINGER, 1537-01-01 — 1537-09-27 Letter lost

Letter lost, reconstructed on the basis of IDL 1729
Letter lost

Texts where mentioned Heinrich EHINGER

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1IDL 5772 Hernán CORTÉS to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Madrid, [1529]-09-11
2IDL  824 Alfonso de VALDÉS to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Regensburg, 1532-09-03
3IDL 3857 Ioannes DANTISCUS to Isabel [DELGADA], [Löbau (Lubawa)], 1537-03-16
4IDL 1711 Fabian WOJANOWSKI (DAMERAU) to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Monzón, 1537-09-11
5IDL 1729 [Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Johan WEZE], Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-09-28
6IDL 1770 Ioannes DANTISCUS to Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete, Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-11-16
7IDL  323 Hugo ANGELO to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Valladolid, 1538-06-03
8IDL 2969 Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Madrid, 1546-06-03