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» Ioannes Dantiscus' Correspondence
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Ioannes Dantiscus' Correspondence is a database containing inventory data on the entirety of Danticus' correspondence (sender, addressee, incipit, dating, data on the source, data on printed publications, facsimiles of the primary source). Some of the letters are also presented in a searchable full-text version. In future, once all the letters are made available in text form, this publication will be transformed into the Corpus of Ioannes Dantiscus' Correspondence.

Ioannes Dantiscus' correspondence in numbers

Chronological range 1500-1548
Total number of letters 6116
         that is

         Dantiscus' letters 1696
         letters to Dantiscus 4420

         Latin 3374
         German 2648
         Spanish 39
         Polish 37
         Italian 17
         Dutch 3
         Czech 4
         French 2
         Sum of specific fields is greater than total number of letters due to multilingual letters.

Total Number of correspondents 656
         that is
         Senders 592
         Addressees 336