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Persons and institutions mentioned in texts

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, dike supervisors


Acquaviva, Andrea Matteo (Andrea Matteo d' Atri) (*1457 – †1529)

Acuña · → Antonio OSORIO de Acuña

Acuña, Antonio de see Osorio, Antonio de Acuña

Adler, Melchior

Adolf of Burgundy (dominus de Beveris, Lord of Beveren) (*1489 or 1490 – †1540)

Adrian VI (Adriaan Florenszoon Boeyens) (*1459 – †1523)

Adrianus, abbot of Cistercian monastery in Oliwa (†1549)

Adrianus, a parish priest in Wormditt


Aethiopes see Ethiopians

Affatati, Giovanni Giacomo (†1535)

Affenstein, Wolfgang von (†1556)


Agricola , Rudolphus Wasserburgensis see Agricola, Rudolf Jr

Agricola, Rudolf Jr (Rudolphus Agricola Wasserburgensis, Hydropurgius Rhaetus, Rudolf Baumann) (*1490 – †1521)

Aichler, Jan (Johann Eichler) (†1556 or later)

Aichler, Stanisław (Stanislaus Glandinus) (*1520 – †1585)

Alarcón, Hernando de (*1466 – †1540)

Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach (Albrecht von Brandenburg) (*1490 – †1568)· See also → Claus, court saddler of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → messenger of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → Envoys of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → Coiners of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, Coiners of

Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, Envoys of

Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, messenger of

Albrecht II Alcibiades (of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Albrecht von Hohenzollern Alkibiades) (*1522 – †1557)

Albrecht of Brandenburg (Albrecht von Hohenzollern) (*1490 – †1545)

Albrecht VII of Mecklenburg (*1486 – †1547)

Albrecht von Brandenburg see Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Albrecht von Hohenzollern see Albrecht of Brandenburg

Albrecht von Hohenzollern Alkibiades see Albrecht II Alcibiades

Alden, Felix von see Allen, Felix von

Alderete · → Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete

Aleandro, Girolamo (*1480 – †1542)

Alemanus, Ioannes see Lalemand, Jean

Alfonso d'Este (*1476 – †1534)

Alfonso de Avis (*1509 – †1540)

Alifio, Lodovico (*1499 – †1543)

Allen, Felix von (Felix von Alden, Feliks Mełdzyński, Felix Stang, Felix von Malden) (†ca. 1576)

Allen, Lukas von (Łukasz Mełdzyński, Lucas de Allis) (†1536)· See also

Allenstein vicars of

Allexwangen, Jacob Sr (*ca. 1485 – †1552)

Allexwangen, Martin (†after 1555)

Alliopagus, Constans see Knobelsdorf, Eustathius

Allis, Lucas de see Allen, Lukas von

Alobera, Luis (Luis de Avila, Luis Lobera) (*ca. 1480 – †1551)

Alphons von Aragonia

Altendorf · → Niklas TSCHAPLITZ von Altendorf

Alvarez, Pedro de Toledo (*1484 – †1553)

Ambrosius, Saint (*339 – †397)

Anabaptistae see Anabaptists

Anabaptists (Anabaptistae)

Andreas, a parish priest in Seeburg


Andrew, Paulus

Andrey Ivanovich Rurikid (*1490 – †1537)


Andrzej of Górka see Górka, Andrzej

Angli see English

Angoulême · → Margaret of Angoulême

Anna Jagiellon (*1503 – †1547)

Anna Jagiellon (*1523 – †1596)

Anna Sophia von Hohenzollern (*1527 – †1591)

Annaeus, Lucius Seneca see Seneca

Annaeus, Marcus Lucanus see Lucan

Anne Boleyn (*1507 – †1536)

Anne of Cleves (*1515 – †1557)

Anselmus, a parish priest in Mehlsack

Antiochenus · → Ioannes Antiochenus Chrysostomus

Antoine le Bon (*1489 – †1544)

Apamea · → Oppian of Apamea

Apicius (Marcus Gavius Apicius) (*1st century AD – †1st century AD)

Apostolic See

Aragon · → Joanna of Aragon

Aragon · → Ferdinand II of Aragon the Catholic

Aragon · → Catherine of Aragon

Aragona · → Isabella d'Aragona

Aragona · → Joanna of Aragon

Aragonia · → Alphons von Aragonia

Aragón Council of

Archimontanus, Iacobus see Fürstenberger, Jakob

Ardenne · → Remaclus Arduenna

Arduenna · → Remaclus Arduenna

Arelate · → Favorinus of Arelate

Arenberg · → Erard de la MARCK

Argeş · → Radu VII PAISIE

Argus Panoptes

Aristarchus of Samothrace (*ca. 220 – †ca. 143 BC)

Aristoteles (*384 BC – †322-03-07 BC)

Arnaeus (Irus, Iros)

Arsago · → Jérôme CAPITANI d' Arsago

Ascot · → Anne HANNETON countess of Ascot

Assisi · → Francis of Assisi, Saint

Athenaeus of Naucratis (fl. about the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd century AD)


Atri, Andrea Matteo d' see Acquaviva, Andrea Matteo

Augsburg Citizens of

Augustine of Hippo, Saint (Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, St. Augustine) (*354 – †430)

Augustinian Hermits (Ordo Sancti Augustini, Fratres Eremitae Sancti Augustini)

Augustinus, Aurelius Hipponensis see Augustine of Hippo, Saint

Aurelius, Marcus Antoninus Bassianus see Caracalla

Aurelius, Marcus Severus Bassianus see Caracalla

Auria, Andrea see Doria, Andrea

Aurimontanus, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Cingularius, Hieronymus Gürtler von Wildenberg) (*1464 or 1465 – †1558)· See also → wife of Hieronymus AURIMONTANUS

Ausonius (Decimus Magnus Ausonius) (*ca. 310 – †ca. 395)

Austria · → Elisabeth of Austria

Austria · → Georg of Austria

Austria · → Mary of Hungary

Austria · → Eleanor of Austria

Austria · → Eleanor of Austria

Austria · → Margaret of Austria

Austria · → Elizabeth of Austria

Austria · → Isabella of Austria

Austria · → Catherine of Austria

Avalos, Fernando Francesco d', marquis of Pescara (*1490 – †1525)

Avila, Luis de see Alobera, Luis

Avis · → Alfonso de Avis

Aviz · → John III of Portugal

Aviz · → María de Aviz

Aviz · → Luís Aviz

Aviz · → Fernando Aviz

Aviz · → Duarte Aviz

Azevedo Coutinho, António de

Bacchus (Dionysos)

Badia, Tommaso (*1483 – †1547)


Baillieul, mother of Carolus de TAUTENBERG

Baliński, Jan (†1531)

Baliński, Jan of Bielawy (*ca. 1519)

Baltazar of Lublin (†after 1543-05-20)· See also , → children of sister of Baltazar of Lublin, → sister of Baltazar of Lublin

Banicewich, Jakov see Baničević, Jakov

Banissio, Jacopo see Baničević, Jakov

Baničević, Jakov (Iacobus de Bannissis, Jakov Banicewich, Jacopo Banissio) (*1466 – †1532)

Bannissis, Iacobus de see Baničević, Jakov

Barbara, wife of Gemma Frisius (Iacobina)

Barbara, wife of Wolfgang FOLDER

Barbara Zápolya ( Szapolyai) (*1495 – †1515)

Barbaro, Ermolao (*1454 – †1493)

Barensis, Sigismundus see Russis, Sigismundus de

Bari Chapter of St. Nicholas Church in

Bari Citizens of

Barone, Annibale

Barten see Barthen, Jakob von

Barthen, Jakob von (Warten, Barten) (*ca. 1505 – †ca. 1565)

Bartholinus, Riccardus see Bartolini, Riccardo


Bartolini, Riccardo (Riccardus Bartholinus) (*ca. 1475 – †ca. 1529)

Baumann, Rudolf see Agricola, Rudolf Jr

Bayard · → Pierre TERRAIL de Bayard

Bayer see Beyer, Wenzel

Bayern · → Ernst von Bayern

Baysen, Georg von (Jerzy Bażyński) (*1469 – †1546)· See also → Krzysztof, notary of Georg von BAYSEN

Baysen, Johann von (Jan Bażyński) (†1548)

Bażyński, Jan see Baysen, Johann von

Bażyński, Jerzy see Baysen, Georg von

Beaton, David (*ca. 1494 – †1546)

Becherer, Sebaldus


Becket, Thomas (*1118 – †1170)

Behme, Barbara (†after 1550-02-07)

Behme, Peter (*ca. 1480 – †1539)


Belmonte · → Juan Manuel de VILLENA Y DE LA VEGA señor de Belmonte

Bergen · → Antoon III van GLYMES van Bergen

Bergen · → Jan III van GLYMES van Bergen

Berislavić, Petar see Beriszló, Péter

Beriszló, Péter (Petar Berislavić) (*1475 – †1520)

Bernhardi, Caspar see Ursinus, Caspar Velius

Beuckelszoon, Jan van Leyden (Jan Bockelson, Jan van Leyden) (*1509 – †1536)

Beulrain see Beulrein de Rois

Beulrein de Rois (Beulrain)

Beveren · → Adolf of Burgundy

Beveris · → Adolf of Burgundy

Beyer, Wenzel (Payer, von Elbogen, Václav z Lokte, Venceslaus Cubitensis, Bayer) (*1488 – †1537)

Biała · → Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Bielawy · → Jan BALIŃSKI of Bielawy

Birgersdotter, Birgitta see Bridget of Sweden, Saint

Bischoff, Albert (†1529)

Bischoff, Philipp (Philipp Bisschop) (*ca. 1468 – †1535)

Bisschop, Philipp see Bischoff, Philipp

Bistram · See also → wife of BISTRAM

BISTRAM, wife of

Blankenfeld, Johannes (*1481 – †1527)

Blumenthal, Georg von (*1490 – †1550)

Bockelson, Jan see Beuckelszoon, Jan van Leyden

Bockholt, Heinrich (*1463 – †1535)

Bogdan III the Blind (the One-eyed)

BOGUSZ Mikołaj, brother of

Bogusz, Mikołaj (*1492 – †1560)· See also → brother of Mikołaj BOGUSZ

Bohemia Citizens of

boiari see boyars, nobility of the Grand Duchy of Moscow

Bolcz, Wolfgang

Bomgarczki, Andreas

Bona Sforza (*1494 – †1557)

Boner, Jan (†1523)

Boner, Seweryn (*1486 – †1549)

Borek, Stanisław (*1474 – †1556)


Bourbon · → Charles III de Bourbon

Bourgogne, Charles de (*ca. 1490 – †1538)

boyars, nobility of the Grand Duchy of Moscow (boiari, боя́ре)

Brand, Barthel (*ca. 1490 – †1549)

Brandenburg · → Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Brandenburg · → Albrecht of Brandenburg

Brandenburg · → Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Brandenburg · → Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Brandenburg-Ansbach · → Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Brandenburg-Ansbach · → Johann von Brandenburg-Ansbach

Brandenburg-Ansbach · → Sophie von Brandenburg-Ansbach

Brandenburg-Ansbach, Gumpert von (*1503 – †1528)

Brandenburg-Kulmbach · → Albrecht II Alcibiades

Brantner, Wolfgang see Prantner, Wolfgang

Brasch, Petrus

Brask, Hans (Ioannes Brask) (*1464 – †1538)

Brask, Ioannes see Brask, Hans

Braunsberg Citizens of

Braunsberg vicars of

Braunschweig-Lüneburg · → Ernst I of Braunschweig-Lüneburg der Bekenner

Braunschweig-Lüneburg · → Heinrich von Braunschweig-Lüneburg

Braunschweig-Lüneburg · → Christoph von Braunschweig-Lüneburg

Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel · → Heinrich II of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel der Jüngere

Braunswalde a parish priest in (†before 1547-02-06)· See also → a cook of a parish priest in Braunswalde

Braunswalde a parish priest in, a cook of

Breden, Johann (Hans Preden) (†after 1545)

Bremen Citizens of

Bremer, Hermann (*ca. 1490 – †1548-1549)


Brewer, Otto

Bridget of Sweden, Saint (Birgitta Birgersdotter, Saint Bridget of Sweden) (*1303 – †1373)

Brieg · → Georg II of Brieg

Brussels Treasurer of the (Cathedral?) Church in

Brüggenei, Hermann von (Hermann Hasenkamp) (*1475 – †1549)

Bullinger, Heinrich


Burgundy · → Adolf of Burgundy

Buttlar · → Heinrich TREUSCH von Buttlar

Buxhoeveden, Reinhold von (†1557)

Bydgoszcz · → Thomas of Bydgoszcz

Büttner, Hieronymus see Vietor, Hieronymus

Cabeza de Vaca see Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Luis

Caecilius Firmianus, Lucius Lactantius see Lactantius

Caesar (Caius Iulius Caesar) (*100 BC – †44 BC)

Calabria · → Ferdinand Duke of Calabria

Campe(n), Jacob see Kampe(n), Jacob

Campeggi, Tommaso (*1481-1483 – †1564)

Campeggio, Lorenzo (*1474 – †1539)

Campen, Jan van see Campensis, Ioannes

Campensis, Iacobus see Kampe(n), Jacob

Campensis, Ioannes (Jan van Campen, Ioannes de Campo) (*1491 – †1538)· See also → Leonardus, brother of Ioannes CAMPENSIS

Campo, Ioannes de see Campensis, Ioannes

Cantiuncula, Claudius see Chansonette, Claude

Capitani, Jérôme d' Arsago (*ca. 1485 – †1542)

Caracalla (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Bassianus, Marcus Aurelius Severus Bassianus) (*188 – †217)

Caracciolo, Goffredo

Carafa, Gian Pietro (Ioannes Petrus Carafa, Paulus IV) (*1476 – †1559)

Carafa, Ioannes Petrus see Carafa, Gian Pietro

Carmignano, Antonio Niccolo (Suavius Parthenopeus) (†1544)

Carondelet, Jean (*1469 – †1545)

Carpi · → Alberto III PIO Prince of Carpi

Casimir von Hohenzollern (*1481 – †1527)

Castiglione, Baldassare (*1478 – †1529)

Castile · → Eleanor of Austria

Castile · → Joanna I of Castile the Mad

Castile · → Philip I of Castile

Castilla · → Joanna I of Castile the Mad

Cat(h)o see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Catherine Jagiellon (*1526 – †1583)

Catherine of Aragon (*1485 – †1536)

Catherine of Austria (*1507 – †1578)

Catullus, Gaius Valerius (*ca. 84 BC – †ca. 54 BC)

Cema, Achacy see Zehmen, Achatius von

Cema, Fabian see Zehmen, Fabian von

Cema, Helena see Zehmen, Helene von

Cema, Krzysztof see Zehmen, Christoph von

Cema, Marcin see Zehmen, Martin von


Chansonette, Claude (Claudius Cantiuncula, Claud Liedel) (*ca. 1490 – †1549)

Chappuis, Eustache see Chapuys, Eustace

Chapuys, Eustace (Eustache Chappuis) (*ca. 1491 – †1556)

Charlemagne (Charles the Great) (*747 or 748 – †814)

Charles de Montpensier see Charles III de Bourbon

Charles II of Guelders (Karel van Egmond) (*1467 – †1538)

Charles III de Bourbon (Charles de Montpensier, Connétable de Bourbon) (*1490 – †1527)

Charles III of Savoy (*1486 – †1553)

Charles the Great see Charlemagne

Charles V of Habsburg (*1500 – †1558)

Charybdis (Kharybdis)

Chièvres · → Guillaume de CROŸ Lord of Chièvres, lord of Chièvres

Chojeński, Jan (*1486 – †1538)

Choldicz, Ioannes

Chrapicki see Krapitz, Mikołaj Sr

Chrapicki, Mikołaj see Krapitz, Mikołaj Jr

Christian II of Denmark see Christian II of Oldenburg

Christian II of Oldenburg (Christian II of Denmark) (*1481 – †1559)

Christian III of Oldenburg (*1503 – †1559)· See also → Envoys of Christian III of Oldenburg, → envoys of Christian III of Oldenburg


Christoph von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (*1487 – †1558)

Christoph von Württemberg (*1515 – †1568)

Châlon · → René de Châlon

Châlon · → René de Châlon

Châlon, Philibert de (*1502 – †1530)

Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) (*106 BC – †43 BC)

Cingularius, Hieronymus see Aurimontanus, Hieronymus

Ciołek, Erazm (*1474 – †1522)

Cirksena, Enno II (*1505 – †1540)

Cirksena, Johan (Johan I of East Frisia, Johan van Valkenburg) (*ca. 1506 – †1572)

Claudian (Claudius Claudianus) (*ca. 370 – †ca. 404)

Claudianus, Claudius see Claudian

Clement VII (Giulio de' Medici) (*1478 – †1534)

Clementh, Bartholomaeus a see Plemięcki, Bartłomiej

Clementh, Georgius a see Plemięcki, Jerzy

Cles, Bernhard von (Bernardo Clesio, Bernhard von Glöss) (*1485 – †1539)

Clesio, Bernardo see Cles, Bernhard von

Cleves · → Anne of Cleves

Cleves · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Closter, Gerhard de

Cobos y Molina, Francisco de los (Francisco de los Covos y Molina) (*ca. 1477 – †1547)

Coccius, Helius see Eobanus, Helius Hessus

Cochlaeus, Ioannes (Ioannes Wendelstenius, Johann Wendelstein, Johann Dobneck) (*1479 – †1552)

Collimitius, Georgius see Tannstetter, Georg

Cologne, Town Council

Colonna, Crisostomo (*1460 – †1528)

Colonna, Pompeo (*1479 – †1532)

Colonna, Prospero (*ca. 1460 – †1523)


Comalonga, Juan de

Connétable de Bourbon see Charles III de Bourbon

Conopat · → Jan KONOPACKI Jr

Conopat · → Jan KONOPACKI Sr

Conopniczki, Thomas see Konopnicki, Tomasz

Consejo de Estado see Spanish Council of State

Consejo Privado see Spanish Council of State

Consiglio dei Dieci see Council of Ten

Constellatus, cf. HE, No. 148, p. 150, footnote No. 12 see Werden, Johann von

Contarini, Gasparo (*1483 – †1542)

Copecz, Iacobus see Kopeć, Jakub

Copernicus, Nicolaus (Mikołaj Kopernik) (*1473 – †1543)

Cortes (Spanish Diet)

Cortese, Giovanni Andrea see Cortese, Gregorio

Cortese, Gregorio (Giovanni Andrea Cortese) (*1483 – †1548)

Cortés, Hernán de Monroy e Pizarro (*1485 – †1547)

Corycus · → Oppian of Corycus

Coss, Paulus see Kos, Paweł

Cossi see Kos

Council of Ten (Consiglio dei Dieci)

Covos y Molina, Francisco de los see Cobos y Molina, Francisco de los

Cracow Citizens of

Cranmer, Thomas (*1489 – †1556)

Crapicz see Krapitz, Mikołaj Sr

Crapicz, Mikołaj see Krapitz, Mikołaj Jr

Cricius, Andreas see Krzycki, Andrzej

Croesus (†after 547 BC)

Cromerus, Martinus see Kromer, Marcin

Cronberg, Walther von (*1479 – †1543)· See also → envoys of Walther von CRONBERG

Cronenberg, Hartmannus de

Croÿ, Adrien de (*ca. 1475 – †1553)

Croÿ, Guillaume de Lord of Chièvres, lord of Chièvres (*1458 – †1521)

Croÿ, Philippe II de (*1496 – †1549)

Cubitensis, Venceslaus see Beyer, Wenzel

Cueva y Velasco, Pedro de la (*1482/1492 – †1546)

Cunitzky, Jan see Kunicki, Jan

Cuon, Albrecht (Kohn) (†after 1559)

Cuppenerius see Kuppener, Christoph

Curiis, Georgius de see Höfen, Georg von

Curiis, Ioannes de see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Curiis, Ioannes de see Höfen, Johann von

Cuspinian, Johannes (*1473 – †1529)

Cutte, John (Ioannes Otte, John Koet, John Kuth)

Cybele (Kybele)

Cypser, Stanisław (Stanisław Zipser) (*before 1489 – †1540)

Czaplitz see Tschaplitz, Niklas von Altendorf

Czarnkowski, Andrzej (*1507 – †1562)

Czeme, Achatius see Zehmen, Achatius von

Czeme, Christophorus a see Zehmen, Christoph von

Czerna, Hanna (Hanna of Witowice, Hanna Schwarzenberg) (†after 1547)

Czigler, Nicolaus see Ziegler, Nicolaus

d' Arenberg see Marck, Erard de la


Dalbion, Juan

Dalmata · → Marko MARULIĆ

Damerau, Fabian see Wojanowski, Fabian

Danes (Dani)

Dani see Danes

Dans, Ioannes (John Daunce)

Dantisca, Juana (*1527 – †1601)

DANTISCUS Ioannes, Chaplain to

DANTISCUS Ioannes, Commissioner to

DANTISCUS Ioannes, cook of

DANTISCUS Ioannes, messenger of

Dantiscus, Ioannes (Johannes von Höfen, Ioannes de Curiis, Jan Dantyszek, Johannes Flachsbinder) (*1485 – †1548) passim · See also → Philippus, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → dwarf bought by Ioannes Dantiscus as a gift for an unidentified person, → Prospera, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Lyncken, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Stenczell, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Mathis, secretary of Ioannes DANTISCUS, , → Vitus, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS; from Sweden, → trumpeter of Ioannes DANTISCUS, , → Commissioner to Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Chaplain to Ioannes DANTISCUS, → cook of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Stach, → TRIEST, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → messenger of Ioannes DANTISCUS

Dantiscus, Ioannes, servant of; from Sweden

Dantyszek, Jan see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Daunce, John see Dans, Ioannes

De Dobbele, Cornelis see De Schepper, Cornelis

De Heulle, Daniel (Daniel van Heule) (†1540)

de Rawa see Rawensis, Valentinus

De Schepper, Cornelis (Cornelius Scepperus, Cornelis De Dobbele, Cornelius Duplicius) (*1503 – †1555)· See also → Ioannes, servant of Cornelis DE SCHEPPER, , → Half-brother of Cornelis DE SCHEPPER; son of Gislena de CHIVOIRE

De Schepper, Cornelis Jr (*1532 – †1582 or 1583)

De Vriendt, Michiel (Michael Vrindius)· See also → Wife of Michiel DE VRIENDT

Decentius, Paulus Cornelius see Krassowski, Paweł Sebastian

DECIUS Iustus Ludovicus, daughter of

Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus (Jakob Ludwig Dietz, Jakub Ludwik Decjusz) (†after 1557)

Decius, Iodocus see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

Decius, Iustus Ludovicus (Justus Ludwik Decjusz, Jost Ludwig Dietz, Iodocus Decius) (*ca. 1485 – †1545)· See also → daughter of Iustus Ludovicus DECIUS

Decjusz, Jakub Ludwik see Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus

Decjusz, Justus Ludwik see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

Delgada, Isabel (†after 1546-06-15)

Denmark · → Christian II of Oldenburg

Denmark · → Dorothea of Denmark

Denmark · → Friedrich I of OLDENBURG

Denmark · → Isabella of Austria

Denmark and Norway · → Frederick I of Denmark and Norway

Denmark nobility of

Deutzschmann, Peter (Peter Teutschmann)


Dietrichsdorf, Iacobus de (Jakub Szczepański)

Dietz, Jakob Ludwig see Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus

Dietz, Jost Ludwig see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

Dionysos see Bacchus

Dirae see Erinyes

Dirschau land court of

Dobneck, Johann see Cochlaeus, Ioannes


dominus de Beveris see Adolf of Burgundy

Donche, Anna Isabella see Donche, Elisabeth

Donche, Elisabeth (Anna Isabella Donche, Isabeau) (†1549)

Donner, Georg (†1544)

Doria, Andrea (Andrea Auria, Andrea D' Oria) (*1466 – †1560)

Dorothea, daughter of Lorenz von HÖFEN

Dorothea of Denmark (*1520 – †1580)

Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg (*1511 – †1571)

Dorothea von Oldenburg (*1504 – †1547)

Dreszler see Tresler, Ioannes

Drzewicki, Jan

Drzewicki, Maciej (*1467 – †1535)

Du Pont, Marguerita · See also → Ioannes, son of Marguerita DU PONT

Duarte Aviz (Eduardo de Portugal) (*1515 – †1540)

Ducal Prussia Citizens of

Ducal Prussia, Assembly

Duchy of Guelders inhabitants of the

Ducibus Lithuaniae · → Jan of the Lithuanian Princes

Dugnano, Gian Giacomo de

Dulski, Wojciech

Dunin-Wolski, Paweł (Paweł Wolski) (†1546)

Duplicius, Cornelius see De Schepper, Cornelis

Dusemer, Heinrich (†1352)


dwarf bought by Ioannes Dantiscus as a gift for an unidentified person (fl. 1547)


Dziaduski, Jan (*1496 – †1559)

Dzialin, Nikolaus von see Działyński, Mikołaj

Działyński, Mikołaj (Nikolaus von Dzialin) (†1545)· See also → Ursula, servant of Mikołaj DZIAŁYŃSKI

Dąbrówka, Fabian of see Wojanowski, Fabian

East Frisia · → Johan CIRKSENA

Ebersdorf, Sigismund von (†1556)

Eblinger see Nebling, Georg von

Eduardo de Portugal see Duarte Aviz

Egmond · → Jan IV van Egmond

Egmond-Buren, Floris van (*1469 – †1539)

Egmond-Buren, Maximiliaan van (*ca. 1500 – †1548)

Ehinger, Heinrich (Enrrico Eynger) (†1537)

Ehinger, Ulrich (*1485 – †1537)· See also → Daughter of Ulrich EHINGER

Eichler, Johann see Aichler, Jan

Elbing Citizens of

Elbing vicars of

Elbing, Town Council

Elbogen · → Wenzel BEYER

Eleanor of Austria (Eleanor of Habsburg, Eleanor of Castile, Leonor de Austria) (*1498 – †1558)

Eleanor of Castile see Eleanor of Austria

Eleanor of Habsburg see Eleanor of Austria

Elena Glinskaya (*ca. 1510 – †1538)

Elenborg, Elżbieta of

Elias (Elijah)

Elijah see Elias


Elisabeth of Austria (Elizabeth von Habsburg) (*1526 – †1545)

Elisabeth of Denmark see Isabella of Austria

Elisabeth von Habsburg see Elizabeth of Austria

Elizabeth of Austria (Elżbieta Rakuszanka, Elisabeth von Habsburg) (*1436 – †1505)

Elizabeth von Habsburg see Elisabeth of Austria

Elsenheimer, Heinrich

Elsenheimer, Wolfgang

Elss, Georg von see Eltz, Georg von

Eltz, Georg von (Georg von Elss) (†1532)

Elyot, Thomas (*ca. 1499 – †1546)

Elżbieta Rakuszanka see Elizabeth of Austria

Emmerich, Fabianus (*1477 – †1559)

England · → Mary I Tudor

English (Angli)

Enríquez , Fadrique de Velasco (*1485 – †1538)

Eobanus, Helius Hessus (Eobanus Koch, Helius Coccius) (*1488 – †1540)· See also , → Callimachus, son of Helius EOBANUS Hessus, → daughter of Helius EOBANUS Hessus, → Regina, mother of Helius EOBANUS Hessus

Erasmus of Rotterdam (Gerrit Gerritszoon, Geert Geerts, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus) (*1466/1469 – †1536)

Ercole II d'Este (*1508 – †1559)

Ericii, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Ericius, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Ericksen, Godschalk (Godschalk Sassenkerle, Godscalcus Ericii, Godscalcus Ericius, Godscalcus Saxocarolus) (†1544)

Ericsson, Gustav see Gustav I Vasa

Erinyes (Eumenides, Furies, Dirae)

Ermland Clergy of

Ermland, Chapter · See also → subject of Ermland Chapter, → furrier, subject of Ermland Chapter, → envoy of Ermland Chapter

Ermland, Chapter, furrier, subject of

Ermland, Chapter, subject of

Ernst I of Braunschweig-Lüneburg der Bekenner (*1497 – †1546)

Ernst von Bayern (Ernst von Wittelsbach) (*1500 – †1560)

Ernst von Wittelsbach see Ernst von Bayern

Esske, Franz

Estates of the Kingdom of Poland

Este · → Alfonso d'Este

Este · → Ercole II d'Este

Ethiopians (Aethiopes)

Eumenides see Erinyes

Euripides (*ca. 480 BC – †ca. 406 BC)

Everardi, Janus see Secundus, Ioannes

Eynger, Enrrico see Ehinger, Heinrich

Fabian of Łężany see Lusian, Fabian von

Fabian von Lossainen see Lusian, Fabian von

Falaris see Phalaris

Falk, Peter (*ca. 1468 – †1519)

Farnese, Alessandro see Paul III

Fasolt, Paul (Paul Pasold, Paul Faszold, Paul Phassolth, Paul Vaschollt) (†after 1549-08-13)

Faszold, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Favorinus of Arelate (*85 – †150)

Feierabend, Ambrosius see Feyerobent, Ambrosius

Feltstet, Renoldus (Renoldus Veltstete) (*ca. 1468 – †1529)

Ferber, Jan (*1496 – †1530)

Ferber, Mauritius (*1471 – †1537)

Ferber, Mauritius Jr (*ca. 1516 – †1546)

Ferdinand Duke of Calabria (*1488 – †1550)

Ferdinand I of Habsburg (*1503 – †1564)

Ferdinand II of Aragon the Catholic (*1452 – †1516)

Fernando Aviz (*1507 – †1534)

Fernando von Habsburg (*1529 – †1530)

Fernández, Íñigo de Velasco (*1462 – †1528)


Ferreri, Zacharius (*ca. 1479 – †1524)

Feyerobent, Ambrosius (Ambrosius Feierabend) (*ca. 1490 – †after 1543)

Fieramosca, Cesare (†1528)

Fisher, John (Ioannes Roffensis) (*1459 – †1535)

Fitzroy, Henry (*1519 – †1536)

Flachsbinder, Anna see Höfen, Anna von

Flachsbinder, Bernhard see Höfen, Bernhard von

Flachsbinder, Georg see Höfen, Georg von

Flachsbinder, Johannes see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Flachsbinder, Johannes see Höfen, Johann von

Flanders inhabitants of

Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet (a Prato, de Prato, Lodewijk van Praet, Pratensis, Ludovicus a Flandria, Louis de Flandres Seigneur de Praet, Cat(h)o) (*1488 – †1555)

Flandres, Louis de Seigneur de Praet see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Flandria, Ludovicus a see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Flindt, Adrian

Flindt, Jakob (*ca. 1470)

Florence Citizens of

Florensz (Dedel), Adriano de see Hadrian VI

Florenszoon Boeyens, Adriaan see Adrian VI

Foix, Gaston de (*1489 – †1512)

Germaine de Foix (*1488 – †1538)

Foix, Odet de viscount of Lautrec (*1485 – †1528)

Folder, Wolfgang · See also , → Barbara, wife of Wolfgang FOLDER


Fonseca y Ulloa, Alfonso de (*1475 – †1534)

France · → Henry II of Valois

Francesco II Sforza (*1495 – †1535)· See also

Francis I of Valois (*1494 – †1547)

Francis III of Valois (*1518 – †1536)

Francis of Assisi, Saint (St. Francis) (*1181/1182 – †1226)

Franciscans (Order of Friars Minor Conventual)· See also → Cracow Franciscan Convent Chapter, → Franciscans in Kulm

Franciscus, canon of Kulmsee

François I de Lorraine (*1517 – †1545)

Fratres Eremitae Sancti Augustini see Augustinian Hermits

Frauenburg vicars of

Frederick I of Denmark and Norway (*1532 – †1556)

Fredewald, Adrian see Fridewalt, Adrianus

Fregoso, Federico (*ca. 1480 – †1541)


Fridewalt, Adrianus (Adrian Fredewald) (†after 1550)

Friedrich I of Denmark see Friedrich I of Oldenburg

Friedrich I of Oldenburg (Friedrich I of Denmark) (*1471 – †1533)

Friedrich II of Liegnitz (*1480 – †1547)

Friedrich II of Wittelsbach der Weise (*1482 – †1556)

Friedrich III der Weise see Friedrich III von Wettin

Friedrich III of Liegnitz (*1520 – †1570)

Friedrich III von Wettin (Friedrich III der Weise) (*1463 – †1525)

Frisius · → Gemma Frisius

Fuege, Johann

Fugger von Reh, Gastel (*1475 – †1539)

Fugger, Anton (*1493 – †1560)

Fugger, Jakob

Fuggers · See also → factors of The FUGGERS, → banker of The FUGGERS

FUGGERS, factors of

Furies see Erinyes

Fürstenberger, Jakob (Iacobus Archimontanus)

Galen of Pergamon see Galenus, Aelius

Galenus, Aelius (Claudius Galenus, Galen of Pergamon) (*129 – †217)

Galenus, Claudius see Galenus, Aelius

Galler, Quirinus (†1543)

Gamrat, Piotr (*1487 – †1545)

Ganctowski, Bartłomiej see Gądkowski, Bartłomiej

Gandkowski, Bartłomiej see Gądkowski, Bartłomiej

García de Loaysa y Mendoza, Juan (*1478 – †1546)

García, Pedro Jr

García, Pedro Sr

Gaspar, a parish priest in Frauenburg

Gasztołd, Albrecht see Gasztołd, Olbracht

Gasztołd, Olbracht (Wojciech Gasztołd, Albrecht Gasztołd) (*1470 – †1539)

Gasztołd, Wojciech see Gasztołd, Olbracht

Gattinara, Giambartolommeo Arborio di see Gattinara, Giovanni Bartolomeo di

Gattinara, Giovanni Bartolomeo di (Giambartolommeo Arborio di Gattinara) (†1544)

Gattinara, Hieronymus di

Gattinara, Mercurino Arborio di (*1465 – †1530)· See also → Karolus, oeconomus of Mercurino Arborio di GATTINARA

Gautier see Gracht, Wouter IV van der

Gavius, Marcus Apicius see Apicius

Gawartowa Wola · → Mikołaj WOLSKI

Gdańsk aldermen of

Gdańsk Citizens of

Gdańsk, Town Council · See also → Envoys of Gdańsk Town Council, → messenger of Gdańsk Town Council

Gdańsk, Town Council, messenger of

Gdańsk, town court

Geerts, Geert see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Gellius, Aulus (*ca. 130 – †after 180)

Gemma Frisius (Jemme Reinerszoon) (*1508 – †1555)· See also → Barbara, wife of Gemma Frisius, , → son of Gemma Frisius


Georg I Greif von Pommern (*1493 – †1531)

Georg II of Brieg (*1523 – †1586)

Georg of Austria (*1504 – †1557)

Georg of Saxony der Bärtige (Georg von Wettin) (*1471 – †1539)

Georg von Hohenzollern der Fromme (*1484 – †1543)

Georg von Konopat see Konopacki, Jerzy Sr

Georg von Konopat see Konopacki, Jerzy Jr

Georg von Rhein, Count Palatine of the Rhine (*1486 – †1529)

Georg von Wettin see Georg of Saxony der Bärtige

Gerlach, Lazarus see Gyrlach, Lazarus


Gerritszoon, Gerrit see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Gersdorff, Krzysztof

Gestas, the bad thief (Gismas)

Ghent bailiff of

Ghilino, Camillo (Camillus Gilinus) (†1535)

Giberti, Gian Matteo (*1495 – †1543)

GIESE Tiedemann, Commissioner to

GIESE Tiedemann, messenger of

GIESE Tiedemann, subject of

Giese, Georg (Jurgen Giese) (*1497 – †1562)

Giese, Jurgen see Giese, Georg

Giese, Małgorzata (*1485 – †1545)

Giese, Tiedemann (Tidemannus Gisius) (*1480 – †1550)· See also → Severinus, messenger of Tiedemann GIESE, → subject of Tiedemann GIESE, → messenger of Tiedemann GIESE, → Commissioner to Tiedemann GIESE

Giese, Tiedemann (*1491 – †1556)

Gilinus, Camillus see Ghilino, Camillo

Giovanna IV d'Aragona see Joanna of Aragon

Giovio, Paolo (Paulus Iovius) (*1483 – †1552)

Giray · → Mehmed I Giray the Great

Gisius, Tidemannus see Giese, Tiedemann

Gismas see Gestas, the bad thief

Giulio de' Medici see Clement VII

Gla(u)saw, Ioannes see Glosow, Hans

Glandinus, Stanislaus see Aichler, Stanisław

Glasnoczki, Jacob von Trosczin see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasnotzki, Iacobus de Trusczyn see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasnotzky, Jakob (Iacobus Glasnotzki de Trusczyn, Glasnowski, Jacob Glasnoczki von Trosczin) (†before 1539-06-09)

Glasnowski see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasow, Hans see Glosow, Hans

Glaubicz, Hans see Glaubitz, Hans

Glaubicz, Melchior (†1534)

Glaubitz, Hans (Hans Glaubicz, Johann Glaubitz)

Glaubitz, Johann see Glaubitz, Hans

Glosow, Hans (Hans Glasow, Ioannes Gla(u)saw) (fl. 1544-1548)

Glymes, Antoon III van van Bergen (*1500 – †1541)

Glymes, Jan III van van Bergen (*1452 – †1532)

Glöss, Bernhard von see Cles, Bernhard von

Gnapheus, Gulielmus (Willem de Volder, Gulielmus Hagensis, Willem van de Voldersgraft) (*1493 – †1568)

Gockelen, Conradus see Goclenius, Conradus

Goclenius, Conradus (Conradus Wackers, Conradus Gockelen) (*1489 – †1539)

Gonzaga, Federico II (*1500 – †1540)

Gorrevod, Laurent de (†1529)

Gostyński, Jan


Grab, Andreas see Grap(e), Andrea

Grabau, Walenty (†1520)

Grabia, Mikołaj (*before 1500 – †1549)

Grabow, Achatius

Gracht, Wouter IV van der (Gautier) (*1492 – †1554)

Gracián, Diego de Alderete (*ca. 1494 – †1586)· See also → sister of Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete

Gramann, Johann see Poliander, Ioannes

Gramont, Gabriel de (*1486 – †1534)

Granvelle · → Nicolas PERRENOT de Granvelle

Grap(e), Andrea (Andreas Grab) (fl. 1540-1545)

Graudenz Citizens of

Graudenz, Town Council

Graumann, Johann see Poliander, Ioannes


Gregorius, organist at Vilnius Cathedral

Greif · → Georg I Greif von Pommern

Greiffenclau, Richard von Vollrads (*1467 – †1531)

Grinaea see Grynea

Groisch, Tomasz see Gross, Tomasz

Gross, Tomasz (Tomasz Groisch) (*ca. 1490 – †1572)

Grudziński, Sigismundus

Grynea (Grinaea) (fl. 1515-1516)

Guelders · → Charles II of Guelders

Guevara, Fernando de (†1546)

Guidiccioni, Bartolomeo (Bartholomeo Guidiccionus) (*1469 – †1549)

Guidiccionus, Bartholomeo see Guidiccioni, Bartolomeo

Gustav I Vasa (Gustav Ericsson) (*1496 – †1560)

Gut, administrator of Gołąb (Guth) (fl. 1527)

Guth see Gut, administrator of Gołąb

Gutiérrez, Alonso (†1538)

Gutslef, Kersten (Christianus a Gutsleff)· See also → servant of Kersten GUTSLEF

Gutsleff, Christianus a see Gutslef, Kersten

Guttstadt vicars of

Guzmán · → Álvaro de ZÚÑIGA Y PÉREZ de Guzmán

Gyrlach, Lazarus (Lazarus Gerlach)

Górka · → Andrzej GÓRKA

Górka · → Łukasz GÓRKA

Górka, Andrzej (Andrzej of Górka) (*ca. 1500 – †1551)

Górka, Łukasz (Łukasz of Górka) (*1482 – †1542)

Górski, Stanisław (*1489? – †1572)

Gürtler, Hieronymus von Wildenberg see Aurimontanus, Hieronymus

Gądkowski, Bartłomiej (Bartłomiej Gandkowski, Bartłomiej Gąntkowski, Bartłomiej Ganctowski) (†1554)

Gąntkowski, Bartłomiej see Gądkowski, Bartłomiej


Głuchowski, Łukasz

Habsburg · → Charles V of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Ferdinand I of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Maximilian I of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Elisabeth of Austria

Habsburg · → Mary of Hungary

Habsburg · → Eleanor of Austria

Habsburg · → Margaret of Austria

Habsburg · → Elizabeth of Austria

Habsburg · → Isabella of Austria

Habsburg · → Philip II of Spain the Prudent

Habsburg · → Fernando von Habsburg

Habsburg · → Mary of Habsburg

Habsburgs, house of Austria

Habsburgs, house of Burgundy

Hadrian VI (Adriano de Florensz (Dedel)) (*1459 – †1523)

Hafsid · → Muhammad IV Hafsid

Hagensis, Gulielmus see Gnapheus, Gulielmus

Haller, Wolfgang (Wolf) von Hallerstein (*1492 – †1559)· See also → Wife of Wolfgang HALLER von Hallerstein

Hallerstein · → Wolfgang (Wolf) HALLER von Hallerstein

Hamburg Citizens of

Hamerbaeo, Hieronymus see Hämerlin, Hieronymus of Laugingen

Hamid El-Abd

Hannard , Ioannes

Hannau, Johann Jr (Johann Hannow, Ioannes Hannovius) (*ca. 1524 – †1575)

Hannau, Johann Sr · See also → sister of Johann HANNAU Sr

Hannau, Kaspar (Gasparus Hannovius, Kacper Hannow) (*1519 – †1571)

Hannau, Simon (Simon Hannow)· See also → Margaritha, wife of Simon HANNAU

Hannau, Valentin (Valentinus Hannovius)

Hanneton, Anne countess of Ascot

Hannovius, Gasparus see Hannau, Kaspar

Hannovius, Ioannes see Hannau, Johann Jr

Hannovius, Valentinus see Hannau, Valentin

Hannow, Johann see Hannau, Johann Jr

Hannow, Kacper see Hannau, Kaspar

Hannow, Simon see Hannau, Simon

Hans den Ældre see Johann II of Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben der Ältere

Hansa (Hanseatic League)

Hanseatic League see Hansa

Haraldi, Magnus (Magnus Haraldsson)

Haraldsson, Magnus see Haraldi, Magnus


Hartowski, Jan see Höfen, Johann von

Hasenkamp, Hermann see Brüggenei, Hermann von

Hasse, Georgius

Hayreddin Barbarossa (Khair al-Din) (*ca. 1478 – †1546)

Hecht, Simon



Hefener, Hans (Hans Heffner)

Heffner, Hans see Hefener, Hans

Hegel, Georg (†1547)· See also → messenger of Georg HEGEL

Heilsberg Citizens of

Heilsberg vicars of

Heinrich der Mittlere see Heinrich von Braunschweig-Lüneburg

Heinrich II of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel der Jüngere (*1489 – †1568)

Heinrich von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (Heinrich der Mittlere) (*1468 – †1532)

Held, Mathias (†1563)

Helffenstain, Ulricus de

Helm, Lukas

Hemerl see Hämerlin, Hieronymus of Laugingen

Hendrik III of Nassau-Breda (*1483 – †1538)· See also

Henneberg, graf von

Henry I of Portugal (*1512 – †1580)

Henry II of Navarre (*1503 – †1555)

Henry II of Valois (Henry of France) (*1519 – †1559)

Henry of France see Henry II of Valois

Henry VI of Lancaster (*1421 – †1471)

Henry VIII Tudor (*1491 – †1547)

Heracles (Hercules)

Herberstein, Sigmund von (*1486 – †1566)

Hercules see Heracles

Herle, Veyt

Hermicz, Jakub see Hermitz, Iacobus

Hermitz, Iacobus (Jakub Hermicz) (†1551)

Herodotus (*ca. 484 BC – †ca. 425 BC)

Hesse · → Philip I of Hesse der Großmütige

Hessus · → Helius EOBANUS Hessus

Heule, Daniel van see De Heulle, Daniel

Heyle see Heyll, Christoph

Heyll, Christoph (Heyle, Soter) (*1499 – †1585)

Hieronymus, Eusebius Sophronius see Saint Jerome

Himmelreich, Ioannes (Ioannes Uranoplusius, Ioannes Silesius, Ioannes Hirspergensis)· See also → Venceslaus, relative of Ioannes HIMMELREICH, → father of Ioannes HIMMELREICH

Hippo · → Augustine of Hippo, Saint

Hirspergensis, Ioannes see Himmelreich, Ioannes

Hohenladenburg, Hugo von (*1459 – †1532)


Hohenlohe, Johannes von

Hohenzollern · → Georg von Hohenzollern der Fromme

Hohenzollern · → Albrecht of Brandenburg

Hohenzollern · → Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Hohenzollern · → Wilhelm von Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern · → Albrecht II Alcibiades

Hohenzollern · → Casimir von Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern · → Anna Sophia von Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern · → Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Hohenzollern, Johann Albrecht von see Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Hohenzollern-Ansbach · → Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach


Hojek see Hugo of Smoląg and Wapcz

Holland merchants of

Holst, Simon

Holstein Citizens of

Holsten, Hans (†after 1548)· See also → father of Hans HOLSTEN

Holsten, Nicolaus

Holszański, Paweł Algimunt (†1555)

Holtzhausen, Caspar

Holy League (1538)

Holy See (Sedes Apostolica)


Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) (*68 BC – †8 BC)

Horatius, Quintus Flaccus see Horace

Horne, Jan van (Jean de Hornes) (*ca. 1450 – †1505)

Hornes, Jean de see Horne, Jan van

Hosius, Stanislaus see Hozjusz, Stanisław

Hosz, Stanisław see Hozjusz, Stanisław

Hozjusz, Stanisław (Stanisław Hosz, Stanislaus Hosius) (*1504 – †1579)

Hugo of Smoląg and Wapcz (Hojek)

Human, Nicolaus (*ca. 1480 – †1542)


Hungary · → Mary of Hungary

Hämerl see Hämerlin, Hieronymus of Laugingen

Hämerlin, Hieronymus of Laugingen (Hieronymus Hamerbaeo, Hämerl, Hemerl)

Höfen, Anna von (Anna Reyneck, Anna Flachsbinder)

Höfen, Bernhard von (Bernhard Flachsbinder) (†after 1548)· See also

Höfen, Catherina von

Höfen, Georg von (Georg Flachsbinder, Georgius de Curiis) (†after 1550-02-07)

Höfen, Johann von (Jan Hartowski, Ioannes Varschoviensis, Ioannes de Curiis) (†after 1547-09-01)· See also → POPIELNIKOWA, mother of Johann von HÖFEN

Höfen, Johann von (Johannes Flachsbinder) (†1528)

Höfen, Johannes von see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Iacobina see Barbara, wife of Gemma Frisius


Imperial Chamber Court (Iudicium Camerae Imperialis, Sąd Kameralny Rzeszy, Reichskammergericht)

Imperial Diet (Reichstag)· See also

Imperial Estates

Ioannes, tailor

Ioannes, son of Marguerita DU PONT · See also → Father of Ioannes, son of Marguerita DU PONT

Ioannes Antiochenus Chrysostomus (*ca. 347 – †407)

Ioannes Benedicti de Trebul see Solfa, Jan Benedyktowicz

Ioannes de Ducibus Lithuaniae see Jan of the Lithuanian Princes

Ioannes de Conopat see Konopacki, Jan Jr

Ioannes de Conopat see Konopacki, Jan Sr

Iovius, Paulus see Giovio, Paolo

Iros see Arnaeus

Irus see Arnaeus

Isabeau see Donche, Elisabeth

Isabella Jagiellon (*1519 – †1559)

Isabella d'Aragona (Isabella of Naples) (*1470 – †1524)

Isabella of Austria (Isabella of Habsburg, Elisabeth of Denmark) (*1501 – †1526)

Isabella of Habsburg see Isabella of Austria

Isabella of Naples see Isabella d'Aragona

Isabella of Portugal (*1503 – †1539)

Isinder, Melchior see Isinderus, Melchior

Isinderus, Melchior (Melchior Isinder) (*ca. 1520 – †1588)

Ismail I Safavid (Sophi) (*1487 – †1524)


Iudicium Camerae Imperialis see Imperial Chamber Court

Iulius, Caius Caesar see Caesar

Iunius, Decimus Iuvenalis see Juvenal


Jacques III of Luxembourg (†1532)

Jadwiga (Hedwig) Jagiellon (*1513 – †1573)

Jagiellon · → Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Sigismund I Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Zofia Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Anna Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Catherine Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Anna Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Isabella Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Jadwiga (Hedwig) Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Kazimierz IV Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Louis II Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Ladislaus II Jagiellon

Jagiellonka · → Zofia Jagiellonka

Jagiellończyk · → Ladislaus II Jagiellon

James V Stuart (*1512 – †1542)

Jan II Piast Dobry (the Good) (*ca. 1460 – †1532)

Jan IV van Egmond (*1499 – †1528)

Jan of the Lithuanian Princes (Jan z Książąt Litewskich, Ioannes de Ducibus Lithuaniae) (*1499 – †1538)

Jan van Leyden see Beuckelszoon, Jan van Leyden

Jan z Książąt Litewskich see Jan of the Lithuanian Princes

Jerome see Saint Jerome

Jesus Christ see Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ)


Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor (Joachim I von Hohenzollern) (*1484 – †1535)

Joachim I von Hohenzollern see Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector (Joachim II von Hohenzollern) (*1505 – †1571)

Joachim II von Hohenzollern see Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Joanna I of Castile the Mad (Juana I de Castilla, Juana la Loca) (*1479 – †1555)

Joanna of Aragon (Giovanna IV d'Aragona, Joanna of Naples) (*1478 – †1518)

Joanna of Naples see Joanna of Aragon


Johan I of East Frisia see Cirksena, Johan

Johan van Valkenburg see Cirksena, Johan

Johann von der Pfalz (*1488 – †1538)

Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach (Johann Albrecht von Hohenzollern) (*1499 – †1550)

Johann der Beständige (Johann von Wettin) (*1468 – †1532)

Johann Friedrich der Großmütige (Johann Friedrich von Wettin) (*1503 – †1554)

Johann Friedrich von Wettin see Johann Friedrich der Großmütige

Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels (*ca. 1490 – †1547)· See also → wife of Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels

Johann II of Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben der Ältere (Hans den Ældre) (*1521 – †1580)

Johann von Brandenburg-Ansbach (*1493 – †1525)

Johann von Wettin see Johann der Beständige

John II Sigismund Zápolya (János Zsigmond Szapolyai) (*1540 – †1571)

John III of Portugal (John the Pious, João III Aviz) (*1502 – †1557)

John the Pious see John III of Portugal

John Zápolya (János Szapolyai) (*1487 – †1540)

Jorge see Reihing, Jörg

Jorgen see Klingenbeck, Georg

Joseph, Albrecht

João III Aviz see John III of Portugal

Juana I de Castilla see Joanna I of Castile the Mad

Juana la Loca see Joanna I of Castile the Mad

Juvenal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis)

János Szapolyai see John Zápolya

János Zsigmond Szapolyai see John II Sigismund Zápolya

Jöricz, Bartłomiej

Jülich-Berg · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Jülich-Cleves-Berg · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Jülich-Cleves-Berg inhabitants of

Kaldeborne · → Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Kalecki, Maciej of Mąkolin (Maciej Kaliński) (*ca. 1498 – †1576)

Kaliński, Maciej see Kalecki, Maciej of Mąkolin

Kampe(n), Jacob (Jacob Campe(n), Iacobus Campensis)· See also → concubine of Jacob KAMPE(N), → wife of Jacob KAMPE(N)

Kampe(n), Jacob, concubine of

Kampe(n), Ursula, Kampe(n), Jacob, spurious daughter of

Karel van Egmond see Charles II of Guelders

Karnkowski, Jan (*ca. 1472 – †1537)



Kazanice, parish priest

Kazimierz IV Jagiellon (*1427 – †1492)

Kempsche, Barbara

Keting, Hans

Khair al-Din see Hayreddin Barbarossa

Kharybdis see Charybdis

Kijewski, Stanisław

Kijewski, Wojciech (Wojciech Kijowski, Wojciech Kilewski, Albert Kijowski) (*ca. 1495 – †1566)

Kijowski, Albert see Kijewski, Wojciech

Kijowski, Wojciech see Kijewski, Wojciech

Kilewski, Wojciech see Kijewski, Wojciech

Kirchdorff a parish priest in

Kirsch, Lucas see Kirsza, Lucas

Kirsza, Lucas (Lucas Kirsch)

Klamm, Castle stewart

Klemme, Pancratius, Dominican monk (*ca. 1475 – †1546)

Klingenbeck, Georg (Jorgen)

Kmita, Piotr Sobieński (*1477 – †1553)

Knights of Malta see Order of Malta

Knobelsdorf, Eustathius (Constans Alliopagus) (*1519 – †1571)· See also

Koch, Eobanus see Eobanus, Helius Hessus

Koczer, Karl (Karl Kotzer, Karl Kuczer) (†1538)· See also → servant of Karl KOCZER

Koet, John see Cutte, John

Kohn see Cuon, Albrecht

Konarski, Jan (*1447 – †1525)

Konarski, Krzysztof (*before 1526 – †ca. 1574)

Konopacki, Jan Jr (Ioannes de Conopat) (†1535)

Konopacki, Jan Sr (Ioannes de Conopat) (†1530)

Konopacki, Jerzy Jr (Georg von Konopat) (†1566)

Konopacki, Jerzy Sr (Georg von Konopat) (*ca. 1480 – †1543)· See also , → wife of Jerzy KONOPACKI Sr

Konopacki, Rafał (Raphael von Konopat) (*ca. 1510 – †ca. 1570)

Konopat · → Jerzy KONOPACKI Sr

Konopat · → Rafał KONOPACKI

Konopat · → Jerzy KONOPACKI Jr

Konopnicki, Tomasz (Thomas Conopniczki)

Konrad I Mazowiecki see Konrad I of Mazovia

Konrad I of Mazovia (Konrad I Mazowiecki) (*ca. 1187 – †1247)

Kopernik, Mikołaj see Copernicus, Nicolaus

Kopeć, Jakub (Iacobus Copecz)

Koronowo Prior in

Kos (Koss, Cossi)

Kos, Paweł (Paulus Coss, Koss)

Kos, Rafał

Koss see Kos

Koss see Kos, Paweł

KOSTKA Stanisław, messenger of

KOSTKA Stanisław, Servant of

Kostka, Stanisław (*1487 – †1555)· See also → Ludovicus, secretary of Stanisław KOSTKA, → messenger of Stanisław KOSTKA, → Barbara, daughter of Stanisław KOSTKA, → Servant of Stanisław KOSTKA

Kotzer, Karl see Koczer, Karl

Kowalewski, Jakub


Kościelecka, Barbara (Barbara Srzeńska) (†after 1550)

Kościelecki, Andrzej (*ca. 1455 – †1515)

Kościelecki, Jan (Janusz Kościelecki) (*ca. 1490 – †1545)

Kościelecki, Janusz see Kościelecki, Jan

Kościelecki, Stanisław (*ca. 1460 – †1534)

Kraft, Barthel (Bartłomiej Kraft)

Kraft, Bartłomiej see Kraft, Barthel

Krantz, Albert see Kranz, Albert

Kranz, Albert (Albert Krantz) (*ca. 1450 – †1517)

Krapitz, Mikołaj Jr (Mikołaj Crapicz, Mikołaj Chrapicki) (†1533)

Krapitz, Mikołaj Sr (Chrapicki, Crapicz) (*ca. 1450 – †1514)

Krassowski, Paweł Sebastian (Paulus Cornelius Decentius) (*ca. 1505 – †1545)

Kraus, Elisabeth

Krautsschult, Simon (fl. 1541)

Krendnerus, Gregorius

Kreytzen, Elisabeth von (*1509 – †ca. 1579)

Kreytzen, Hans von see Kreytzen, Johann von

Kreytzen, Johann von (Hans von Kreytzen) (*1516 – †1575)

Kreytzen, Melchior von (*ca. 1475 – †1557)

Kromer, Marcin (Martinus Cromerus) (*1512 – †1589)

Kron, Jodok (†1555)

Krupka, Anna

Krzesław of Kurozwęki see Kurozwęcki, Krzesław

Krzycki, Andrzej (Andreas Cricius) (*1482 – †1537)· See also → Philippus, scribe of Andrzej KRZYCKI

Kuczer, Karl see Koczer, Karl

Kulm Benedictine convent in

Kulm Franciscans in

Kulm Land, nobility

Kulm school in

Kulm, Chapter

Kulm, clergy

Kunicki, Jan (Jan Cunitzky)

Kuppener, Christoph (Cuppenerius) (*ca. 1466 – †1511)

Kurozwęcki, Krzesław (Krzesław of Kurozwęki) (*ca. 1440 – †1503)

Kurozwęki · → Krzesław KUROZWĘCKI

Kuth, John see Cutte, John

Kybele see Cybele

Kyszeweter, Martinus

Köln Citizens of

Königsberg, Town Council

La Chaulx · → Charles de POUPET of La Chaulx


Lactantius (Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius) (*ca. 240 – †ca. 320)

Ladislaus II Jagiellon (Władysław II Jagiellończyk) (*1456 – †1516)

LALEMAND Jean baron of Bouclans, father of

Lalemand, Jean (Ioannes Alemanus, Jean Lalemant) (*1470 – †1560)· See also → father of Jean LALEMAND baron of Bouclans

Lalemant, Jean see Lalemand, Jean

Lancaster · → Henry VI of Lancaster

Lang, Ioannes see Langhannius, Ioannes

Lang, Matthäus (*1469 – †1540)

Langerbein, Dorothea

Langerbein, Georg

Langhannigk, Jan see Langhannius, Ioannes

Langhannius, Ioannes (Jan Langhannigk, Ioannes Lang) (†1567)

Langhessus see Treusch, Heinrich von Buttlar

Lannoy, Charles de (*ca. 1487 – †1527)

Lasco, Hieronymus de see Łaski, Hieronim

Lasco, Ioannes de see Łaski, Jan

Lassau · → Charles de POUPET of La Chaulx

Latalski, Jan (*1463 – †1540)

Latalski, Janusz (†1557)

Laugingen · → Hieronymus HÄMERLIN of Laugingen

Laurentius see Lawrence, Saint


Laurijn, Mark (Marcus Laurinus) (*1488 – †1540)· See also → Sister of Mark LAURIJN

Laurinus, Marcus see Laurijn, Mark

Lautrec · → Odet de FOIX viscount of Lautrec

Lawrence, Saint (Laurentius)

Lee, Edward (*ca. 1482 – †1544)

Lehmann, Iacobus

Lehmann, Johann (Jan Leoman) (*1520 – †1582)

Leipzig Chapter of the Prince's College in

Leipzig, Town Council

Leisser, Michael Otto

Leiva, Antonio de (Antonio de Leyva) (*1480 – †1536)

Leo X (Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici) (*1475 – †1521)

Leoman, Jan see Lehmann, Johann

Leonor de Austria see Eleanor of Austria

Leopoldi, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Leopoldi, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

Leszczyński, Rafał (†1527)

Lewicki, Jan (†1555)

Lewsze see Loitz, Jan

Leyden · → Jan BEUCKELSZOON van Leyden

Leyden · → Jan BEUCKELSZOON van Leyden

Leyva, Antonio de see Leiva, Antonio de

Liechtenstein, Georg von

Liedel, Claud see Chansonette, Claude

Liegnitz · → Friedrich III of Liegnitz

Liegnitz · → Friedrich II of Liegnitz

Linde, Niklas von der see Linde, Nikolaus von der

Linde, Nikolaus von der (Niklas von der Linde) (†after 1563)

Lisemannus, Casparus see Lysman, Kaspar

Liszeman, Kaspar see Lysman, Kaspar

Lithuanian Princes · → Jan of the Lithuanian Princes


Livina see Lyncken, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS

Livonia Citizens of

Lobera, Luis see Alobera, Luis

Loca, Jan see Lock, Hans

Lock, Hans (Jan Loca, Jan Lokaw, Jan Luckow) (†1562)

Lock, Mikołaj see Loka, Mikołaj

Locka, Georg

Locka, Mikołaj see Loka, Mikołaj

Loe, Jan von see Lohe, Ioannes a

Loffredo, Sigismondo (*ca. 1480 – †1539)

Logschau, Georg von (Georg von Loxau, Georgius Loxanus) (†ca. 1551)· See also → wife of Georg von LOGSCHAU

Lohe, Ioannes a (Jan von Loe)· See also → son of Ioannes a LOHE

Lohe, Ioannes a, son of (fl. 1548)

Lohmoller, Johann see Lohmüller, Johann

Lohmüller, Johann (Johann Lomoller, Johann Lohmoller)

Loisse see Loitz, Jan

Loitz, Jan (Loisse, Lewsze) (*1531)

Lok, Mikołaj see Loka, Mikołaj

Loka, Mikołaj (Mikołaj Lok, Mikołaj Lock, Mikołaj Locka) (†1569)

Lokaw, Jan see Lock, Hans

Lokte · → Wenzel BEYER

Lomoller, Johann see Lohmüller, Johann

Longus, Antonius

Lord of Beveren see Adolf of Burgundy

Loredan, Leonardo (*1436 – †1521)

Lorraine · → François I de Lorraine

Lorraine, Jean Cardinal de (*1498 – †1550)

Lossainen · → Fabian von LUSIAN

Louis II Jagiellon (*1506 – †1526)

Louise of Savoy (*1476 – †1531)

Loxanus, Georgius see Logschau, Georg von

Loxau, Georg von see Logschau, Georg von

Lublin · → Baltazar of Lublin

Lublin Citizens of

Lubotzky, Ioannes

Lubrański, Tomasz (†1537)

Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus) (*39 AD – †65 AD)

Lucas, mason


Luckow, Jan see Lock, Hans

Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus) (*ca. 99 BC – †ca. 55 BC)

Lucretius, Titus Carus see Lucretius

Ludicke, Fabianus (Fabianus Ludike, Fabianus Lutke, Fabianus Leopoldi)

Ludicke, Gregorius (Gregorius Ludike, Gregorius Lutke, Gregorius Leopoldi)

Ludike, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Ludike, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

Ludwig V von Wittelsbach (Ludwig von der Pfalz) (*1478 – †1544)

Ludwig von der Pfalz see Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Ludwig X von Wittelsbach (*1495 – †1545)

Lusian, Fabian von (Fabian Luzjański, Fabian von Lossainen, Fabian of Łężany) (*ca. 1470 – †1523)

Lusian, Johann von (Jan Luzjański) (*before 1470 – †1551)· See also → wife of Johann von LUSIAN

Luther, Martin (Martinus Lutherus) (*1483 – †1546)


Lutherus, Martinus see Luther, Martin

Lutke, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Lutke, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

Luxembourg · → Venceslaus IV Luxembourg

Luxembourg · → Jacques III of Luxembourg

Luzjański, Fabian see Lusian, Fabian von

Luzjański, Jan see Lusian, Johann von

Luís Aviz (*1506 – †1555)

Lycoripensis, Georgius see Tannstetter, Georg

Lyncken, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS (Lynken, Livina) (fl. 1532)· See also → brother of Lyncken of Brussels

Lyncken of Brussels, brother of

Lynken see Lyncken, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS

Lysman, Kaspar (Kaspar Liszeman, Casparus Lisemannus) (†after 1547-05-20)

Łaski, Hieronim (Jarosław Łaski, Hieronymus de Lasco) (*1496 – †1541)

Łaski, Jan (Ioannes de Lasco) (*1456 – †1531)

Łaski, Jarosław see Łaski, Hieronim

Łaski, Stanisław (*ca. 1500 – †1550)

Łukasz of Górka see Górka, Łukasz

Łężany · → Fabian von LUSIAN

Löbau Citizens of

Löbau Observants convent in

Löbau parish priest of

Löbau, Town Council

Lübeck Citizens of

Lüneburg Citizens of

Maccius, Titus Plautus see Plautus

Maciej see Matthias

MACIEJOWSKI Samuel, messenger of

Maciejowski, Kasper (*ca. 1480 – †1536)

Maciejowski, Nicolaus

Maciejowski, Samuel (*1499 – †1550)· See also → messenger of Samuel MACIEJOWSKI, → Baptista, servant of Samuel MACIEJOWSKI

Maciejowski, Stanisław (†1563)

Magdalena de Biała see Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Magdalena de Kaldeborne see Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Magdalena of Saxony (*1507 – †1534)

Magni, Ioannes see Magnus, Ioannes

Magni, Olaus see Magnus, Olaus

Magnus, Decimus Ausonius see Ausonius

Magnus, Ioannes (Ioannes Store, Jöns Månsson, Ioannes Magni) (*1488 – †1544)

Magnus, Olaus (Olof Månsson, Olaus Magni) (*1490 – †1557)

Mai, Miguel (Miçer Mai) (*ca. 1480 – †1546)

Mai, Miçer see Mai, Miguel

Malden, Felix von see Allen, Felix von

Mandt, Georg (†after 1547)· See also → second wife of Georg MANDT, → first wife of Georg MANDT

Mandt, Katarina see Schewecken, Katarina

Manrique de Lara, Alfonso (†1538)


Mansfeld-Vorderort, Hoyer von (*1484 – †1540)

Manuel I of Portugal (*1469 – †1521)

Marani see Marranos

Marchesini, Carlo Antonio de Montecenere (†1540)

Marck, Eberhard de la see Marck, Erard de la

Marck, Erard de la (d' Arenberg, Eberhard de la Marck) (*1472 – †1538)

Marco di Taranto

Marcus, citizen of Lübeck

Margaret of Angoulême (Marguerite of Navarre) (*1492 – †1549)

Margaret of Austria (Margarete von Habsburg) (*1480 – †1530)

Margaret of Parma (*1522 – †1586)

Margarete, widow of Caspar SCHILLING

Margarete von Habsburg see Margaret of Austria

Marguerite of Navarre see Margaret of Angoulême

Marienburg Citizens of

Marienburg, Town Council

Marlian, Jean Antoine de see Marliano, Juan Antonio

Marliano, Juan Antonio (Jean Antoine de Marlian)

Marranos (Marani)


Marteyn, Thomas

Martinus, servant of Piotr TOMICKI

Marulić, Marko (Marcus Marulus Spalatensi, Marko Pečenić, Marcus Marulus Dalmata) (*1450 – †1524)

Marullus, Michael (Michael Tarchaniota, Μιχαήλ Μάρουλλος Ταρχανειώτης) (*1458 – †1500)

Marulus, Marcus Dalmata see Marulić, Marko

Marulus, Marcus Spalatensi see Marulić, Marko

Mary see Virgin Mary

Mary I Tudor (Mary of England) (*1516 – †1558)

Mary of Austria see Mary of Hungary

Mary of England see Mary I Tudor

Mary of Habsburg see Mary of Hungary

Mary of Habsburg (*1528 – †1603)

Mary of Hungary (Mary of Austria, Mary of Habsburg) (*1505 – †1558)· See also → MLECZKO, courtier of Mary of Hungary

María de Aviz (*1521 – †1577)

Massimiliano Sforza (Maximilian Sforza) (*1493 – †1530)

Mathias de Renglyn see Pyschinski, Mathias

Matthias, Abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Koronowo

Matthias (Maciej) (†1536)

Mauri see Moors

Mauritius (Moritz)

Maximilian Sforza see Massimiliano Sforza

Maximilian I of Habsburg (*1459 – †1519)

Maximilianus Transylvanianus see Transsilvanus, Maximilianus

Mazovia · → Konrad I of Mazovia

Małgorzata de Silesia see Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda (Magdalena de Kaldeborne, Magdalena de Biała, Małgorzata de Silesia)

Mech(...?), Antonius de

Mecklenburg · → Albrecht VII of Mecklenburg

Medici, Alessandro de' il Moro (*1510 – †1537)

Medici, Giovanni di Lorenzo de' see Leo X

Medici, Ippolito de' (*1511 – †1535)

Mehlsack vicars of

Mehmed I Giray the Great (*1465 – †1523)

Melanchthon, Philipp (Philipp Schwartzerd) (*1497 – †1560)



Mendoza , Mencía de (*1508 – †1554)

Mendoza y Bobadilla, Francisco de (*1508 – †1566)

Merino, Esteban Gabriel (*1472 – †1535)

Merklichenrade, Helena see Zehmen, Helene von

Merklin, Balthasar von Waldkirch (*ca. 1479 – †1531)· See also → Henricus, writer of Baltasar MERKLIN von Waldkirch

Meteneus see Metteneye, Jean

Metteneye, Jean (Meteneus) (†1527)

Mełdzyński, Feliks see Allen, Felix von

Mełdzyński, Łukasz see Allen, Lukas von

Mgowski, Maciej

Michael, a parish priest in Rössel

Michael, citizen of Gdańsk, painter

Michael von Selislau see Żelisławski, Michał

Middelburg, Town Council

Mikołaj of Gawartowa Wola see Wolski, Mikołaj


Moncada, Ugo de (*ca. 1476 – †1528)

Monopoli, Antonello (†1526)

Monroy e Pizarro · → Hernán CORTÉS de Monroy e Pizarro

Montaltus, Ludovicus see Monte Alto, Lodovico de

Monte Alto, Lodovico de (Ludovicus Montaltus) (†1533)

Montecenere · → Carlo Antonio MARCHESINI de Montecenere

Monteleone · → Ettore PIGNATELLI E CARAFFA 1st Duke of Monteleone

Monteregale, Petrus Mirabilis de (Petrus Mirabilis de Montroy)

Montfort-Rothenfels · → Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels

Montfort-Rothenfels, Wolfgang von

Monti, Ludovicus Mutinensis see Montius, Ludovicus Mutinensis

Montius, Ludovicus Mutinensis (Ludovicus Monti Mutinensis)

Montmorency, Anne de (*1493 – †1567)

Montpensier · → Charles III de Bourbon

Montroy, Petrus Mirabilis de see Monteregale, Petrus Mirabilis de

Moors (Mauri)


More, Thomas (Thomas Morus) (*1478 – †1535)

Moritz see Mauritius

Morstein, Jan (Jan Morsztyn) (*1481 – †1541)

Morsztyn, Jan see Morstein, Jan

Mortangen, Ludwig von (Ludwik Mortęski) (†1539)· See also → daughter of Ludwig von MORTANGEN

Mortęski, Ludwik see Mortangen, Ludwig von

Morus, Thomas see More, Thomas

Mosci see Muscovites

Moscovians see Muscovites


Moszczyński, nobleman of Dobrzyń Land

Mrakisch, Petrus

Muhammad IV Hafsid

Muscetula, Giovanni Antonio (Muxetula)

Muscovites (Moscovians, Mosci)


Mustafa (*1515 – †1553)

Muxetula see Muscetula, Giovanni Antonio

Myszkowski, Jerzy (†1543)

Månsson, Jöns see Magnus, Ioannes

Månsson, Olof see Magnus, Olaus

Münster Citizens of

Mąkolin · → Maciej KALECKI of Mąkolin

Naples · → Isabella d'Aragona

Naples · → Joanna of Aragon

Naples Collateral Council of the Emperor in

Nassau-Breda · → Hendrik III of Nassau-Breda

Naucratis · → Athenaeus of Naucratis

Navarre · → Margaret of Angoulême

Navarre · → Henry II of Navarre

Nazareth · → Jesus of Nazareth

Nebling, Georg von (Eblinger)

Neptune (Neptunus)

Neptunus see Neptune



Neuenahr , Hermann der Ältere (*1482 – †1530)

Nibschitz, Martinus (Marcin Nipszyc) (†after 1545)· See also → father of Martinus NIBSCHITZ

Nibschitz, Nikolaus (Mikołaj Nipszyc) (*ca. 1483 – †1541)· See also → sister of Nikolaus NIBSCHITZ; mother of Franz SCHIER

Nicola, Filippo

Nicolaus, a parish priest in Elbing

Niederhoff, Leonard (*ca. 1485 – †1545)

Nipszyc, Marcin see Nibschitz, Martinus

Nipszyc, Mikołaj see Nibschitz, Nikolaus


Nogarelli, Leonardus de see Nogarola, Leonardus de

Nogarola, Girolamo

Nogarola, Leonardus de (Leonardus de Nogarelli, Leonardus de Nugarolis) (†after 1540-08-18)

Nowowiejski, Mikołaj

Nugarolis, Leonardus de see Nogarola, Leonardus de

Nuremberg Citizens of

Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Luis (Cabeza de Vaca) (†1550)

Oberstein, Paulus see Obersteiner, Paulus

Obersteiner, Paulus (Paulus Oberstein) (*1480-1489 – †1544)

Observants (Order of Friars Minor)

Ocieski, Jan (*1501 – †1563)

Odrowąż, Stanisław (*1509 – †1545)

Odysseus (Ulysses, Ulixes)


of Brandenburg-Kulmbach see Albrecht II Alcibiades

of Lassau see Poupet, Charles de of La Chaulx

Olaus, Nicolaus see Oláh, Miklós

Oldenburg · → Dorothea von Oldenburg

Oldenburg · → Christian III of Oldenburg

Oldenburg · → Christian II of Oldenburg

Oldenburg, Christoph von (*1504 – †1566)

Oláh, Miklós (Nicolaus Olaus) (*1493 – †1568)

Opalenicki, Piotr see Opaliński, Piotr

Opaleński, Piotr see Opaliński, Piotr

Opaliński, Piotr (Piotr Opaleński, Piotr Opalenicki) (*ca. 1480 – †1551)

Oppian of Apamea

Oppian of Corycus

Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem see Teutonic Order

Order of Friars Minor see Observants

Order of Friars Minor Conventual see Franciscans

Order of Malta (Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta, Knights of Malta)

Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum see Teutonic Order

Ordo Sancti Augustini see Augustinian Hermits

Orestes (Ὀρέστης)

Oria, Andrea D' see Doria, Andrea

Osieczkowski, father of Krzysztof OSIECZKOWSKI (†1538)

OSIECZKOWSKI Krzysztof, wife of

Osieczkowski, Krzysztof · See also → wife of Krzysztof OSIECZKOWSKI, → OSIECZKOWSKI, father of Krzysztof OSIECZKOWSKI

Osorio, Antonio de Acuña (Antonio de Acuña) (*1453 – †1526)

Osterwnitzki, Henricus

Ostrogski, Konstanty Iwanowicz (*1460 – †1530)


Otte, Ioannes see Cutte, John

Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg (Ottheinrich von der Pfalz) (*1502 – †1559)

Ottheinrich von der Pfalz see Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg

Ottoman Turks (Turcae, Turks)

Ovchina-Telepnev-Obolensky, Fedor

Ovchina-Telepnev-Obolensky, Ivan Fedorovich

Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) (*43 BC – †17 or 18 AD)

Ovidius, Publius Naso see Ovid

Ożarowski, Sylwester (†1537)

Paisie, Radu VII (Petru de la Argeş)

Palatinate-Neuburg · → Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg


Papuschka, Peter (Psit(t)acus, Papuske)

Papuske see Papuschka, Peter

Paris Parlement of

Parisi, Pietro Paolo see Parisio, Pierpaolo

Parisio, Pierpaolo (Pietro Paolo Parisi, Petrus Paulus Parisius) (*1473 – †1545)

Parisius, Petrus Paulus see Parisio, Pierpaolo

Parma · → Margaret of Parma

Parthenopeus, Suavius see Carmignano, Antonio Niccolo

Pasold, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Paul II (Pietro Barbo) (*1417 – †1471)

Paul III (Alessandro Farnese) (*1468 – †1549)

Paul of Tarsus, Saint (*5-10 AD – †64-67 AD)


Paulus IV see Carafa, Gian Pietro

Payer see Beyer, Wenzel

Pelken, Johann

Pelplin Cistercian convent in

Peltzer, Andrea

Pergamon · → Aelius GALENUS


Perrenot, Nicolas de Granvelle (*1484 – †1550)

Persia inhabitants of

Petru de la Argeş see Paisie, Radu VII

Petru IV Raresh (Petrylo) (*ca. 1487 – †1546)

Petrus, a parish priest in Allenstein

Petrus, monk in Kulm diocese

Petrylo see Petru IV Raresh

Peutinger, Konrad (*1465 – †1547)

Pečenić, Marko see Marulić, Marko

Pfalz · → Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg

Pfalz · → Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Pfalz · → Johann von der Pfalz

Phalaris (Falaris)


Phassolth, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Philip I of Hesse der Großmütige (*1504 – †1567)

Philip I of Castile (*1478 – †1506)

Philip II of Habsburg see Philip II of Spain the Prudent

Philip II of Spain the Prudent (Philip II of Habsburg) (*1527 – †1598)

Piast · → Jan II Piast Dobry (the Good)

Pietro Barbo see Paul II

Pignatelli e Caraffa, Ettore 1st Duke of Monteleone (*1465 – †1535)

Pimentel Pacheco, Alonso (†1530)

Pio, Alberto III Prince of Carpi (*1475 – †1531)


Pisiński, Maciej see Pyschinski, Mathias

Plankenstein · → Leonhard RAUBER zu Plankenstein

Plautus (Titus Maccius Plautus) (*ca. 250 – †184)

Plement see Plemięcki, Jan

Plement, Bartholomäus von see Plemięcki, Bartłomiej

Plement, Georg von see Plemięcki, Jerzy

Plemięcki, Jan (von Plement) (*1513 – †1576)

Plemięcki, Bartłomiej (Bartholomaeus a Clementh, Bartholomäus von Plement) (*ca. 1520 – †after 1595)

Plemięcki, Jerzy (Georg von Plement, Georgius a Clementh) (*before 1490 – †after 1544)

Plettenberg, Walter von see Plettenberg, Wolter von

Plettenberg, Wolter von (Walter von Plettenberg) (*ca. 1450 – †1535)

Plinius, Gaius Secundus see Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus) (*23 AD – †79 AD)

PŁOTOWSKI Mikołaj, wife of

Poland Diet of

Poland Inhabitants of

Poland Royal Council of

Poland Subjects of the King of

Pole, Reginald (*1500 – †1558)

Polentz, Georg von (*1478 – †1550)

Poliander, Ioannes (Johann Gramann, Johann Graumann) (*1487 – †1541)


Polo, Alfonso

Pommern · → Georg I Greif von Pommern

Pompeius, Cnaeus Magnus see Pompey the Great

Pompey the Great (Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus) (*106 BC – †48 BC)

Pomponius Mela see Pomponius, Titus Mela

Pomponius, Titus Mela (Pomponius Mela) (†ca. 45 AD)

Portugal · → Isabella of Portugal

Portugal · → John III of Portugal

Portugal · → Henry I of Portugal

Portugal · → Manuel I of Portugal

Portugal · → Duarte Aviz


Poupet, Charles de of La Chaulx (of Lassau) (†1530)

Praet · → Louis of FLANDERS Lord of Praet

Praet · → Louis of FLANDERS Lord of Praet

Praet, Lodewijk van see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Prantner, Wolfgang (Wolfgang Brantner) (†1541)

Pratensis see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Prato see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Prato see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Preden, Hans see Breden, Johann

Preuck, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von

Preucken, Georg von (Georg von Pröck, Georg von Proyken, Georg von Preuck) (†1549)· See also → wife of Georg von PREUCKEN


Proyken, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von


Pröck, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von

Prüffer, Ludwig (†after 1530)

Psit(t)acus see Papuschka, Peter

Ptolemy, Claudius (*ca. 100 – †ca. 170)

Pucci, Antonio (*1484 – †1544)

Pucci, Lorenzo (*1458 – †1531)

Pusch, Hans

Pyrrha, mistress of Joachim von WATT

Pyschinski, Mathias (Maciej Pisiński, Mathias de Renglyn)

Pérez, Gonzalo (*1500 – †1567)

Płock Citizens of

Płotowski, Mikołaj (†after 1548-07-27)· See also → wife of Mikołaj PŁOTOWSKI,

Płotowski, Paweł (*ca. 1485 – †1547)

Płowieński, Mikołaj

Rabe, Johann (fl. 1537-1543)

Radziwiłł, Jan (*ca. 1474 – †1522)

Radziwiłł, Mikołaj (*ca. 1470 – †1521)

Ramírez, Miguel

Raphael von Konopat see Konopacki, Rafał

Rappoltstein · → Wilhelm II von Rappoltstein, baron of Rappoltstein

Raresh · → Petru IV Raresh

Raubar, Christoph see Rauber, Christoph

Rauber, Christoph (Christoph Raubar) (*1476 – †1536)

Rauber, Leonhard zu Plankenstein


Rawa · → Valentinus RAWENSIS

Rawensis, Valentinus (de Rawa)

Reden, Teodoryk see Rheden, Dietrich von

Reesz, Jakob see Reisen, Jakob

Reich, Felix (*ca. 1475 – †1539)

Reichskammergericht see Imperial Chamber Court

Reichstag see Imperial Diet

Reihing, Jörg (Georg Rhehinger, Jorge)

Reinerszoon, Jemme see Gemma Frisius

Reisen, Jakob (Jakob Rese, Jakob Reesz, Jakob Reszo) (*ca. 1480 – †1549)

Remacle d' Ardenne see Remaclus Arduenna

Remaclus Arduenna (Remacle d' Ardenne) (*ca. 1480 – †1524)

Renatus of Châlon see René de Châlon

Renglyn · → Mathias PYSCHINSKI

René de Châlon (Renatus of Châlon) (*1518 – †1544)

Republic of Venice Citizens of the

Republic of Venice Senate of the

Rese, Jakob see Reisen, Jakob

Reszo, Jakob see Reisen, Jakob

Reyneck, Anna see Höfen, Anna von

Reyneck, Johann (†1535)

Rhaetus, Hydropurgius see Agricola, Rudolf Jr

Rheden, Dietrich von (Teodoryk Reden) (*1492 – †1556)

Rhehinger, Georg see Reihing, Jörg

Rhein · → Georg von Rhein, Count Palatine of the Rhine

Rheticus, Georg Joachim (*1514 – †1574)



Rincon, Antonius (†1541)

Roffensis, Ioannes see Fisher, John

Rogendorf, Wilhelm von (Wilhelm von Roggendorf) (*1481 – †1541)

Rogenellus, Georgius

Rogge, Eberhard (Roggius)

Roggendorf, Wilhelm von see Rogendorf, Wilhelm von

Roggius see Rogge, Eberhard

Rois · → BEULREIN de Rois

Roman Catholic Church · See also → ecclesiastical judges of Roman Catholic Church, , , → Universal Council of Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church, Universal Council of


Ronneberg, Hermann II (Hermann Ronnenberg) (†before 1539-11-17)

Ronnenberg, Hermann see Ronneberg, Hermann II

Ronquillo, Rodrigo (*1471 – †1552)

Roseler, Thomas (†before 1548-07-18)

Rossi, Sigismundus de see Russis, Sigismundus de

Rostock Brethren of the Common Life in

Roterodamus, Desiderius Erasmus see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Rotterdam · → Erasmus of Rotterdam

Royal Prussia Abbots of

Royal Prussia Council of

Royal Prussia Inhabitants of

Royal Prussia Nobility of

Royal Prussia Provincial Diet of

Royal Prussian Estates

Royal Tribunal (Sąd Królewski, Tribunal Regium)

Rudel, Johann (†1540)

Ruiz, Alonso de Virués see Virués, Alfonso de

Rulandt, Valentinus

Rupold see Rupoldus, Ioannes

Rupoldus, Ioannes (Rupold) (†1544)

Rurikid · → Vasily III Ivanovich Rurikid

Rurikid · → Andrey Ivanovich Rurikid

Rusocki, Mikołaj see Russocki, Mikołaj

Russis, Sigismundus de (Sigismundus de Rossi, Sigismundus Barensis)

Russocki, Mikołaj (Mikołaj Rusocki) (*ca. 1491 – †1548)


Rzeczyca, Stanisław (†1545)

Rössel Citizens of

Rössel vicars of

Rössel, Town Council

Rössel, Town Court

Rüdesheim, Rudolf von (*ca. 1402 – †1482)

Sabinus, Georgius (Georg Schuler) (*1508 – †1560)

Sack, Georg see Sagk, Georg

Sadoleto, Jacopo (*1477 – †1547)

Safavid · → Ismail I Safavid

Safavid (Sophi) · → Tahmāsp I Safavid (Sophi)

Sagk, Georg (Georg Sack) (†after 1547-08-22)

Sailer, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Seiler, Hieronymus Sayler) (*1495 – †1559)

Saint Agnes

Saint Bridget of Sweden see Bridget of Sweden, Saint

Saint Dismas

Saint Jerome (Εὐσέβιος Σωφρόνιος Ἱερώνυμος, Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus, Jerome) (*347 – †419/420)

Salinas, Martín de

Salviati, Giovanni (*1490 – †1553)

Samiński, Paweł (†before 1539-07-21)· See also → wife of Paweł SAMIŃSKI

Samothrace · → Aristarchus of Samothrace

Sampson, Richard (†1554)


Sander, Michał (Michał Sanderi, Michał Zanderi) (†ater 1531-07-25)

Sanderi, Michał see Sander, Michał

Sassenkerle, Godschalk see Ericksen, Godschalk

Saurer, Lorenz (*ca. 1465 – †1523)

Savoy · → Louise of Savoy

Savoy · → Charles III of Savoy

Saxe-Lauenburg · → Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg

Saxocarolus, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Saxony · → Georg of Saxony der Bärtige

Saxony · → Magdalena of Saxony

Sayler, Hieronymus see Sailer, Hieronymus

Scepperus, Cornelius see De Schepper, Cornelis

Schachmann, Johann see Schachtman, Johann

Schachtman, Johann (Johann Schachmann) (*1475 – †1543)

Schaur, Johan von (fl. 1538)

Scheffke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Schelling, Caspar see Schilling, Caspar

Schenck, Georg van Tautenburg (Georg Schenk) (*1480 – †1540)

Schenk, Georg see Schenck, Georg van Tautenburg

Schewcke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Schewecke, Georg (Georg Scheffke, Georg Schyffke, Georg Schewcke) (*1491 – †1547)· See also

Schewecken, Katarina (Katarina Mandt)

Schilling, Anna

Schilling, Caspar (Caspar Schelling) (*ca. 1480 – †before 1525-02-06?)· See also , , → Margarete, widow of Caspar SCHILLING

Schilling, Georgius

Schissenteuber, Peter (†1561)· See also → Catrina, daughter of Peter SCHISSENTEUBER

Schleinitz, Johann VII von

Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben · → Johann II of Schleswig-Holstein-Hadersleben der Ältere

Schnitzenpaumer, Georg (Georgius Sniczbomer)

Scholcz, Christine see Schultze, Christine

Scholtcze see Sculteti, Alexander

Schonbornski, Ioannes

Schreibersdorf, Leopold von (Schreibersdorffer)

Schreibersdorffer see Schreibersdorf, Leopold von

Schroter, Jakub

Schuler, Georg see Sabinus, Georgius

Schultz, Georg (Jorg Schultz) (†after 1548)· See also → wife of Georg SCHULTZ

Schultz, Jorg see Schultz, Georg

Schultze, Christine (Christine Scholcz) (†1539)

Schutzbar, Wolfgang Milching (*1483 – †1566)

Schwartzerd, Philipp see Melanchthon, Philipp

Schwarzenberg, Hanna see Czerna, Hanna

Schwoger, Jakob (Iacobus Socer) (†1543)

Schyffke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Schön(e)beck(e), Asmus (fl. 1498 - 1517)

Schönberg, Dietrich von (*1484 – †1525)

Schönberg, Nikolaus von (*1472 – †1537)

Schönborn, Nikolaus von Thorn (†after 1552-05-29)

Schöning, Thomas (†1539)

Scornaco, Adolphus de


SCULTETI Alexander, children of

SCULTETI Alexander, concubine of

SCULTETI Alexander, messenger of

SCULTETI Alexander, Servant of

Sculteti, Alexander (Scholtcze) (*ca. 1485 – †1570)· See also → messenger of Alexander SCULTETI, → children of Alexander SCULTETI, → Servant of Alexander SCULTETI, → concubine of Alexander SCULTETI

Sculteti, Ignatius


Scythae see Scythians

Scythians (Scythae)

Secundus, Ioannes (Janus Everardi) (*1511 – †1536)· See also ,

Secygniewski, Jakub (†1530)

Sedes Apostolica see Holy See

Seeburg vicars of

Seiler, Hieronymus see Sailer, Hieronymus

Selislau · → Michał ŻELISŁAWSKI

Seneca (Lucius Annaeus Seneca) (*1 BC – †65 AD)

Sevenborgen, Maximilian (Maximiliaen) von see Transsilvanus, Maximilianus

Severinus, messenger of Tiedemann GIESE

Seymour, Jane (*1508 – †1537)

Sforza · → Bona Sforza

Sforza · → Francesco II Sforza

Sforza · → Massimiliano Sforza

Sforza · → Massimiliano Sforza

Sicily inhabitants of

SICKINGEN Hans von, brother of

Sickingen, Franz von (*1481 – †1523)

Sickingen, Hans von (*1502 – †1547)· See also → brother of Hans von SICKINGEN

Sigismund I Jagiellon (Zygmunt I) (*1467 – †1548)· See also → servant (cubicularius) of Sigismund I Jagiellon, → envoy of Sigismund I Jagiellon

Sigismund I Jagiellon, envoy of

Sigismund I Jagiellon, servant (cubicularius) of

Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon (Zygmunt II August) (*1520 – †1572)· See also → envoy of Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon, envoy of

Silesia · → Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda


Silesius, Ioannes see Himmelreich, Ioannes

Simon, priest



Siroczinski see Žerotína, Jan ze

Slonsky, servant of Feliks (Szczęsny) SRZEŃSKI

Smoląg and Wapcz · → Hugo of Smoląg and Wapcz

Snellenberg, Henrich (†1539)

Sniczbomer, Georgius see Schnitzenpaumer, Georg

Snopek, Paweł (*after 1480 – †1554)

Sobieński · → Piotr KMITA Sobieński

Sobocki, Tomasz (*ca. 1508 – †1547)

Sobowski, Otton

Socer, Iacobus see Schwoger, Jakob

SOKOŁOWSKI Jan, messenger of

Sokołowski see Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny)

Sokołowski, Jan (Jan of Wrząca) (†1546)· See also → messenger of Jan SOKOŁOWSKI

Sokołowski, Stanisław of Wrząca Wielka

Solfa, Jan Benedyktowicz (Ioannes Benedicti de Trebul, Ioannes Benedicti Solpha) (*1483 – †1564)


Solpha, Ioannes Benedicti see Solfa, Jan Benedyktowicz

Somma, Cola Maria di (Nicola Maria di Somma) (*1488 – †ca. 1545)

Somma, Nicola Maria di see Somma, Cola Maria di

Somma, Scipione di (Scipione di Summa) (*ca.1490 – †1553)

Sonnegg · → Andreas UNGNAD Freiherr von Sonnegg

Sophi see Ismail I Safavid

Sophie von Brandenburg-Ansbach (*1485 – †1537)

Soter see Heyll, Christoph

Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta see Order of Malta

Sovrenigo, Liberale (*ca. 1443 – †1527)


Spanish Council of State (Consejo de Estado, Consejo Privado)

Spanish Diet see Cortes

Spanish Inquisition (Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition)

Spater, Katharina (†1543)

Sperantius, Sebastian (Sebastian Sprenz) (*ca. 1480 – †1525)

Speratus, Paul (*1484 – †1551)


Spiegel, Jacob (*1483 – †1547)

Spiegel, Mikołaj

Spinola, Lodovico (Lodovico Spinula)

Spinula, Lodovico see Spinola, Lodovico

Sprenz, Sebastian see Sperantius, Sebastian

Srzeńska, Barbara see Kościelecka, Barbara

Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny) (Sokołowski, Szreński) (*1502 – †1554)· See also → sister of Feliks (Szczęsny) SRZEŃSKI, → SLONSKY, servant of Feliks (Szczęsny) SRZEŃSKI

St. Augustine see Augustine of Hippo, Saint

St. Francis see Francis of Assisi, Saint

STADENN Cornelius von, wife of

Stadenn, Cornelius von · See also → wife of Cornelius von STADENN

Staer, Ioannes

Stang, Felix see Allen, Felix von

Stanisław of Szczepanów (*1030 – †1079)


Stenczel, Caspar · See also → STENCZELIN, wife of Caspar STENCZEL

Stewart, John (*ca. 1484 – †1536)

Stobius, Andreas (†1541)· See also

Store, Ioannes see Magnus, Ioannes

Strabo (*64 or 63 BC – †ca. 24 AD)

Strassoldo, Pamphilus de (†1545)

Strozzi, Reynaldo see Strozzi, Reynaldus

Strozzi, Reynaldus (Reynaldo Strozzi)

Stuart · → James V Stuart

Studzianna Woda · → Małgorzata of Studzianna Woda

Sturm, Arendt (*ca. 1466 – †after 1546)· See also → Lyncken, daughter of Arendt STURM, → Joozijne, daughter of Arendt STURM, → wife of Arendt STURM

Sturm, Jean see Sturm, Johannes

Sturm, Johannes (Jean Sturm, Ioannes Sturmius) (*1507 – †1589)

Sturmius, Ioannes see Sturm, Johannes

Stutte, Ioannes (*1494 – †1554)

Suchten, Alexander von (*ca. 1520 – †1576-1590)

Suchten, Georg von Jr

Suchten, Georg von Sr (*ca. 1480 – †after 1538-10)

Suchten, Konrad von (Kurt von Suchten) (*ca. 1480 – †1538)

Suchten, Kurt von see Suchten, Konrad von

Suleiman the Magnificent (Turca) (*1494 – †1566)

Summa, Scipione di see Somma, Scipione di

Suárez, physician of Madrid (Xuárez)


Swiss · See also

Szakmáry, Georgius (†1522)

Szapolyai · → Barbara Zápolya

Szapolyai · → John II Sigismund Zápolya

Szapolyai see Barbara Zápolya

Szczepanowski, Filip

Szczepanowski, Erazm (†1538)

Szczepanów · → Stanisław of Szczepanów

Szczepański, Jakub see Dietrichsdorf, Iacobus de

Szreński see Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny)

SZYDŁOWIECKI Krzysztof, sister of

Szydłowiecki, Krzysztof (*1466 – †1532)· See also → sister of Krzysztof SZYDŁOWIECKI

Szydłowiecki, Mikołaj (*1480 – †1532)

Szydłów, Bartłomiej of

Sąd Kameralny Rzeszy see Imperial Chamber Court

Sąd Królewski see Royal Tribunal

Służewski, Piotr (†1550)

Tahmāsp I Safavid (Sophi) (*1514 – †1576)

Tannstetter, Georg (Georgius Collimitius, Georgius Lycoripensis) (*1482 – †1535)

Taranto · → Marco di Taranto

Tarchaniota, Michael see Marullus, Michael

Tarnowski, Jan (*1488 – †1561)

Tarsus · → Paul of Tarsus, Saint


Tautenberg, Carolus de · See also , → De BAILLIEUL, mother of Carolus de TAUTENBERG

Tautenburg · → Georg SCHENCK van Tautenburg

Terence (Publius Terentius Afer) (*195/185 BC – †159 BC)

Terentius , Publius Afer see Terence

Terrail, Pierre de Bayard (*1476 – †1524)

Tettau, Eberhard von (*ca. 1490 – †1566)

Teutonic Order (Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum)

Teutschmann, Peter see Deutzschmann, Peter


Thomas, vicar in Gołąb

Thomas of Bydgoszcz (†after 1539-04-25)

Thorn · → Nikolaus SCHÖNBORN von Thorn

Thorn Citizens of

Thorn preacher on the outskirts of

Thorn, Town Council · See also → Anthonius, servant of Thorn Town Council, → Envoy of Thorn Town Council

Thorn, Town Council, Envoy of


Thucydides (*ca. 460 BC – †ca. 395 BC)

Thule, Bernard · See also → mother of Bernard THULE

Thurzó, Alexius (*ca. 1490 – †1543)

Thurzó, György (Georg Turzo) (*1467 – †1521)

Thurzó, Ioannes (*1464 – †1520)

Thurzós (Turzos)

Tiefen, Johann von (*ca. 1440 – †1497)

Timerman, Iacobus see Tymmermann, Iacobus


Tobie, Stephanus

Toledo · → Juan ÁLVAREZ Y ALVA de Toledo

Toledo · → Pedro ALVAREZ de Toledo

Toledo Citizens of

Toledo y Enriquez · → Fadrique ÁLVAREZ de Toledo y Enriquez

Tolkemit parish priest of

Tomicki, Piotr (*1464 – †1535)· See also → Martinus, servant of Piotr TOMICKI

Torre, Marco de la (Marcus Venetus, Marco de la Turri) (†1545)

Torre, Maria de la

Transsilvanus, Maximilianus (Maximilianus Transylvanianus, Maximilianus of Transylvania, Maximilian (Maximiliaen) von Sevenborgen) (*ca. 1490 – †ca. 1538)

Transylvania, Maximilianus of see Transsilvanus, Maximilianus

Trebul · → Jan Benedyktowicz SOLFA

Treger, Heinrich (†after 13 April 1543)· See also → wife of Heinrich TREGER

Trenck, Achatius (Achatius Trencka) (†1551)

Trencka, Achatius see Trenck, Achatius

Tresler, Ioannes (Dreszler, Triesler) (†after 1548)

Treusch, Heinrich von Buttlar (Langhessus)

Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition see Spanish Inquisition

Tribunal Regium see Royal Tribunal

Triesler see Tresler, Ioannes

Trosczin · → Jakob GLASNOTZKY

Truchsess, Wilhelm (*1470 – †1557)· See also → wife of Wilhelm TRUCHSESS

Truchseß , Martin von Wetzhausen

Trusczyn · → Jakob GLASNOTZKY

Tschaplitz, Niklas von Altendorf (Czaplitz)

Tudor · → Henry VIII Tudor

Tudor · → Mary I Tudor

Tullius, Marcus Cicero see Cicero

Tunstall, Cuthbert (*1474 – †1559)

Turca see Suleiman the Magnificent

Turcae see Ottoman Turks

Turinus (Verconius Turinus)

Turks see Ottoman Turks

Turri, Marco de la see Torre, Marco de la

Turzo, Georg see Thurzó, György

Turzos see Thurzós

Tymmermann, Iacobus (Iacobus Timerman)

Tymmermann, Johann (Johann Zimmermann) (*1492 – †1564)

Tymmermann, Mathias

Tęczyński, Andrzej Jr (†1561)

Tęczyński, Andrzej Sr (†1536)

Ulixes see Odysseus

Ulm Citizens of

Ulrich von Württemberg (*1487 – †1550)

Ulrich, Urbanus see Ulrici, Urbanus

Ulrici, Urbanus (Urbanus Ulrich) (†1543/1544)

Ulysses see Odysseus

Ungnad, Andreas Freiherr von Sonnegg (*1499 – †1557)

Uranoplusius, Ioannes see Himmelreich, Ioannes

Ursing, Caspar see Ursinus, Caspar Velius

Ursinus, Caspar Velius (Caspar Bernhardi, Caspar Ursing) (*1493 – †1539)

Ursula, servant of Mikołaj DZIAŁYŃSKI

Ursus, Ioannes

Utenhove, Karel see Uutenhove, Karel

Uutenhove, Karel (Karel Utenhove) (*before 1524 – †after September 1577)· See also → Sons of Karel UUTENHOVE, → Daughter of Karel UUTENHOVE, → Iodoca, sister of Karel UUTENHOVE

Vadianus, Ioachimus see Watt, Joachim von


Valdesius, Alphonsus see Valdés, Alfonso de

Valdés, Alfonso de (Alphonsus Valdesius) (*1500-1504 – †1532)

Valdés, Diego de (†1533)

Valentinis, Giovanni Andrea de (*ca. 1495 – †1547)

Valentinus (fl. 1534-1539)

Valentinus, vicar in Gołąb

Valkenburg · → Johan CIRKSENA

Valois · → Francis I of Valois

Valois · → Francis III of Valois

Valois · → Henry II of Valois


Varschoviensis, Ioannes see Höfen, Johann von

Vasa · → Gustav I Vasa

Vaschollt, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Vasily III Ivanovich Rurikid (*1479 – †1533)

Vasto, Francesco Ludovico del (*1498 – †1537)

Václav z Lokte see Beyer, Wenzel

Velasco · → Íñigo FERNÁNDEZ de Velasco

Velasco · → Fadrique ENRÍQUEZ de Velasco

Velharticz, Venceslaus see Wilharticz, Venceslaus

Veltstete, Renoldus see Feltstet, Renoldus

Venceslaus IV Luxembourg (*1361 – †1419)

Venetus, Marcus see Torre, Marco de la

Verconius Turinus see Turinus


Vicelius see Witzel, Georg

Vietor, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Büttner) (*1480 – †1546/1547)

Vilkens, Gerhard

Villena y de la Vega, Juan Manuel de señor de Belmonte (†1543)

Villinger, Jakob (†1529)

Virgin Mary (Mary)

Virués · → Alfonso de VIRUÉS

Virués, Alfonso de (Alonso Ruiz de Virués) (*1493 – †1545)

Vistula Lowlands Citizens of

Vitreator, Stanislaus see Zasański, Stanisław

Vitreatoribus, Stanislaus ex see Zasański, Stanisław

Vitus, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS

Vogt, Bartholomeus (Bartholomeus Voigt, Bartholomeus Voit)

Voigt, Bartholomeus see Vogt, Bartholomeus

Voit, Bartholomeus see Vogt, Bartholomeus

Volder, Willem de see Gnapheus, Gulielmus

Voldersgraft, Willem van de see Gnapheus, Gulielmus

Vollrads · → Richard GREIFFENCLAU von Vollrads

von Elbogen see Beyer, Wenzel

Vrindius, Michael see De Vriendt, Michiel


Wachsschlagerin, Anna (Anna Woszczkowa) (†before 1547-03)

Wackers, Conradus see Goclenius, Conradus

Walch, Vicentz (Walh)

Waldeck, Franz von (*1491 – †1553)

Waldkirch · → Balthasar MERKLIN von Waldkirch

Walh see Walch, Vicentz

Wapowski, Bernard (*1450 – †1535)

Warten see Barthen, Jakob von

Wartenberg, Sebald

WATT Joachim von, wife of

Watt, Joachim von (Ioachimus Vadianus) (*1484 – †1551)· See also → wife of Joachim von WATT, , → Pyrrha, mistress of Joachim von WATT

Watzenrode, Łukasz (*1447 – †1512)

Welser, Anton (*1486 – †1546)

Welser, Bartholomäus (*1488 – †1561)

Welsers · See also → Andreas, factor of The WELSERS, → The Agents of The WELSERS

WELSERS, The Agents of

Wendelstein, Johann see Cochlaeus, Ioannes

Wendelstenius, Ioannes see Cochlaeus, Ioannes


WERDEN Johann von, wife of

Werden, Johann von (Constellatus, cf. HE, No. 148, p. 150, footnote No. 12) (*1495 – †1554)· See also → wife of Johann von WERDEN, → Daughter of Johann von WERDEN

Werdenberg , Felix von (†1530)

Werner, Franz · See also → wife of Franz WERNER

Werten, Georgius de

Wettin · → Johann Friedrich der Großmütige

Wettin · → Johann der Beständige

Wettin · → Friedrich III von Wettin

Wetzel, Georg see Witzel, Georg

Wetzhausen · → Martin TRUCHSEß von Wetzhausen

Weze, Johan (*1490 – †1548)

Wicelius see Witzel, Georg

Wicherski, Michel

Wieczfiński, Jan (†1535)

Wied, Hermann von (*1477 – †1552)

Wildenberg · → Hieronymus AURIMONTANUS

Wilharticz, Venceslaus (Venceslaus Velharticz)

Wilhelm II von Rappoltstein, baron of Rappoltstein (*1468 – †1547)

Wilhelm of Jülich-Cleves-Berg see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Wilhelm V Der Reiche (Wilhelm of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, William I of Cleves, William V of Jülich-Berg) (*1516 – †1592)

Wilhelm von Hohenzollern (*1498 – †1563)

William I of Cleves see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

William V of Jülich-Berg see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Willoms, Sigbrit (†probably ca. 1532)

Winkerer, Caspar (†before 1537)

Witowice, Hanna of see Czerna, Hanna

Wittelsbach · → Friedrich II of Wittelsbach der Weise

Wittelsbach · → Ernst von Bayern

Wittelsbach · → Ludwig X von Wittelsbach

Wittelsbach · → Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Philipp von Wittelsbach der Streitbare (*1503 – †1548)

Witzel, Georg (Georg Wetzel, Vicelius, Wicelius) (*1501 – †1573)

Wojanow, Fabianus de see Wojanowski, Fabian

Wojanowski, Fabian (Fabian of Dąbrówka, Fabian Damerau, Fabianus de Wojanow) (†1540)

Wolkenstein, Michael von (*ca. 1460 – †1523)

Wollenwefer, Jürgen see Wullenwever, Jürgen

Wolrab, Nicolaus

Wolsey, Thomas (*ca. 1471 – †1530)

Wolski, cubicularius

Wolski, Fabian

Wolski, Jan

Wolski, Marcin, coat-of-arms Półkozic (†1548)

Wolski, Mikołaj (Mikołaj of Gawartowa Wola) (†1548)

Wolski, Paweł see Dunin-Wolski, Paweł

Worain, Samson see Worein, Samson

Worein, Samson (Samson Worain, Samson Woreński) (†1586)

Woreński, Samson see Worein, Samson

Wormditt vicars of

Woszczkowa, Anna see Wachsschlagerin, Anna

Wrocław Citizens of

Wrząca Wielka · → Stanisław SOKOŁOWSKI of Wrząca Wielka

Wrząca, Jan of see Sokołowski, Jan

Wullenwever, Jürgen (Jürgen Wollenwefer) (*1492 – †1537)

Wyączkowski, Albertus

Württemberg · → Christoph von Württemberg

Württemberg · → Ulrich von Württemberg

Württemberg Citizens of

Władysław II Jagiellończyk see Ladislaus II Jagiellon

Władysław Łokietek (*1260 or 1261 – †1333)

Włocławek Chapter

Włoszek, Stanisław (Stanislaus de Zaccaria)

Xuárez see Suárez, physician of Madrid

Zaccaria, Stanislaus de see Włoszek, Stanisław

Zambocki, Jan (*ca. 1480 – †1529)

Zanderi, Michał see Sander, Michał

Zasański, Stanisław (Stanislaus ex Vitreatoribus, Stańczyk Zasański, Stanislaus Vitreator)

Zasański, Stańczyk see Zasański, Stanisław

Zborowski, Piotr (†1553)

Zcyszewski, Andreas

Zebrzydowski, Andrzej (*1496 – †1560)

ZEHMEN Achatius von, messenger of

Zehmen, Achatius von (Achacy Cema, Achatius Czeme) (*ca. 1485 – †1565)· See also → Hieronimus, scribe of Achatius von ZEHMEN, → messenger of Achatius von ZEHMEN

Zehmen, Achatius von Jr (†1576)

Zehmen, Christoph von (Krzysztof Cema, Christophorus a Czeme)

Zehmen, Fabian von (Fabian Cema) (†1580)

Zehmen, Helene von (Helena Cema, Helena Merklichenrade) (†after 1547)

Zehmen, Martin von (Marcin Cema) (†ca. 1542)

Ziegler, Nicolaus (Nicolaus Czigler)

Zimmermann, Georg (*1483 – †shortly after 1547-12-01)

Zimmermann, Johann see Tymmermann, Johann

Zipser, Stanisław see Cypser, Stanisław

Zofia Jagiellon (*1522 – †1575)

Zofia Jagiellonka (*1464 – †1512)


Zwingli, Ulrich (*1484 – †1531)· See also → Followers of Ulrich ZWINGLI

Zygmunt I see Sigismund I Jagiellon

Zygmunt II August see Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Žabka, Jiři (†1552)

Žerotína, Jan ze (Siroczinski)

Zápolya · → Barbara Zápolya

Zápolya · → John II Sigismund Zápolya

Zúñiga y Pérez, Álvaro de de Guzmán (*ca. 1450 – †1531)

Zürich Citizens of

Álvarez y Alva, Juan de Toledo (*1488 – †1557)

Álvarez, Fadrique de Toledo y Enriquez (*ca. 1460 – †1531)

Żelisławski, Hieronim (†1599)

Żelisławski, Michał (Michael von Selislau) (†1547)· See also → wife of Michał ŻELISŁAWSKI

Μάρουλλος Ταρχανειώτης, Μιχαήλ see Marullus, Michael

боя́ре see boyars, nobility of the Grand Duchy of Moscow

Ἱερώνυμος, Εὐσέβιος Σωφρόνιος see Saint Jerome

Ὀρέστης see Orestes