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Letter #1586

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Mauritius FERBER]
Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-03-10

English register: Dantiscus is replying to two letters from Ferber. He thinks Ferber is rightly worried about the interpretation of the concept of indigenousness at the Diet in Cracow, but he hopes that together they can find a solution to this problem. Dantiscus is considering where to convene the approaching springtime Prussian assembly. He would be willing to hold it in Malbork, as long as Ferber (despite his health problems) takes part in the assembly and undertakes the effort of chairing the sessions. Dantiscus also thinks that the Polish lords (i.e. the commissioners delegated to the Prussian assembly by the king) will travel via Toruń, and that the king’s will should be followed as to the choice of the assembly’s location. Dantiscus thinks it will be sufficient if the gentry and the cities read the king’s letter on the eve of the assembly. The time and place of the assembly, on the other hand, should be announced publicly as soon as possible as well as the issues that are to be discussed which were specified by the king and queen during the Diet in Cracow. Dantiscus has not received a letter from Ioannes Tymmermann. If he does, he will arrive at the time specified. As for the election capitulations, he will act in accordance with Ferber’s advice and his will. Dantiscus cannot send Ferber a copy of the reply given on behalf of the king by the Płock bishop (Jan Chojeński) to the Prussian gentry’s envoys, because the royal court is not in the habit of presenting such replies in writing. Ferber knows its content from Dantiscus’ earlier letters. He explains that the (memorandum) which Ferber received from the Malbork voivode (Jerzy Bażyński) was sent to him through Bażyński by Johann von Werden, in accordance with what had been decided among the Prussian Council’s legation. The news as to the General Council, promised by the papal nuncio, has not arrived yet. Dantiscus fears that the Council will not come about because of the imminent war between the Empire and France. France has forged an alliance with Turkey against the Christians. It is said that a large part of the Turkish army is in Hungary and is due to move towards Germany. Dantiscus is returning to Ferber the horses he borrowed for his journey. He complains about the expenses he had in Cracow, and the pain that the gossip about this matter is causing him. Dantiscus informs Ferber that the Płock bishop (Jan Chojeński) became Grand Chancellor on February 16, while the post of Vice-Chancellor went to Jakub the Gostynin castellan (in fact: Gostynin starosta Paweł Wolski). He encloses a copy of the letter from the voivode of Pomerania (Jerzy Konopacki) concerning the swearing-in. In the postscript: Dantiscus replies to Ferber’s reproach that he complains too much about the expenses and hardships he has suffered in connection with his mission. He writes that he expected nothing more from Ferber than a friendly ear for his confidences, which brought him relief after the distress he suffered. He had been particularly pained at the accusations thrown by his ungrateful compatriots that he had not financed the mission from his own funds. Nevertheless, he thanks Ferber for his fatherly reprimand.

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