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Letter #1592

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to Cornelis [DE SCHEPPER]
Friedeck (Wąbrzeźno), 1537, shortly before March [16]

English register:

Dantiscus is replying to De Schepper’s letter of September 13 (1536), but cannot offer an opinion concerning the details of the talks with Albrecht, Duke in Prussia and Margrave of Brandenburg, as De Schepper encouraged him to, because he does not have the letter with him. He informs De Schepper about his time at the Diet in Cracow. During the Diet, the King of Poland offered Count Ottheinrich [von Wittelsbach], who was also in Cracow, his services as mediator in dowry negotiations between Count Friedrich and the King of Denmark [Christian III].

Dantiscus hopes he will see De Schepper someday, maybe at the General Council, if it comes about, but he also does not preclude a diplomatic mission or simply a visit to his friend. He assures him that he always remembers him. He believes that their friendship will survive even the greatest political conflicts. Dantiscus informs De Schepper that he has obtained the Ermland coadjutorship. He describes the Ermland bishopric as being four times wealthier than that of Kulm. He sends greetings to De Schepper’s wife and son and his household.

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