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Letter #1602

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Sigismund I Jagiellon]
Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-03-16

English register: Dantiscus submits to the king the Prussian councilors’ request concerning the Prussian assembly, which was to be held on May 8 in Malbork. The councilors suggest that the assembly venue be moved from Malbork to Toruń, shortening the distance that the royal commissioners expected at the assembly will have to travel. The councilors also propose that the date of the assembly be moved to May 24 or 25, so that all three provinces will be sure to receive the royal letters and mandates calling the gentry and the city representatives to the assembly. The councilors request that the king order the tax collectors to prepare detailed reports in order to make tax-collecting in the following year more efficient and better-ordered. The councilors are especially eager for the royal commissioners to identify, in accordance with the king’s statement to the Prussian gentry’s envoys at the Diet in Cracow, those responsible for the conflicts between the Prussian gentry and burghers, and to make sure they are properly punished. They also want the commissioners to deal with the matter of forceful abduction of a peasant of Maciej Pisiński, a nobleman from the Pomerania county, and his possessions, by Zygmunt Grudziński, resident of Krajno county within the Crown lands. The councilors hope that during the assembly, the royal commissioners will strive for a joint position and will not impair the councilors’ authority. In the postscript: During the sealing of the letter, a package containing Maurycy Ferber’s seal arrived, sent to Dantiscus for the purpose of confirming the Prussian Council’s demands contained in the above letter, and a statement that if Ferber were unable to attend the assembly because of his poor health, he would send two canons from the Warmia Chapter as a replacement.

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