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Letter #1726

Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-09-25

English register: Dantiscus is replying to Maciejowski’s letter, received from the hands of the royal chamberlain (Marcin Wolski). He assures him of his friendship and that he was happy to transfer the Gołąb parish to him. He informs Maciejowski that the contract with parish administrator Bogusz expires next Whitsun (June 9, 1538) – Bogusz will then pay Dantiscus 100 ducats of income and depart from the presbytery, leaving behind the movables belonging to it. The inventory of these movables has been lost, but Dantiscus hopes he will find it and send it to Maciejowski. He also informs him that following Nipszyc’s advice, he signed a new unlimited contract for administration of the parish with the Cracow sword-bearer (Andrzej Tęczyński). He advises Maciejowski against maintaining it, but leaves this to his own discretion. Dantiscus asks Maciejowski to support the candidacy of Fabian Wojanowski for the Warmia canonry at the royal court. Dantiscus has already secured Queen Bona’s approval for this candidacy, but the Cracow bishop (Grand Chancellor Jan Chojeński) has asked for a resignation in favor of Stanisław Hozjusz. Dantiscus asks Maciejowski to help soothe the queen’s anger if Wojanowski’s candidacy should be rejected, and on the other hand – to try to obtain Chojeński’s approval of Wojanowski. Dantiscus thinks Wojanowski, an educated nobleman and a Prussian indigene, familiar with court and diplomatic issues, is the ideal future candidate for one of the bishoprics in Prussia.

Manuscript sources:
1office copy in Latin, in secretary's hand, BCz, 244, p. 219-220

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8248 (TK 10), f. 591

1CEID 1/1 No. 37, p. 236-238 (in extenso; English register)
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