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Letter #1737

Graudenz (Grudziądz), 1537-10-01

English register: Dantiscus is replying to Chojeński’s letter. He thanks him for the prompt sending of the documents from Rome. He informs Chojeński that these documents concerned (Dantiscus’) coadjutorship (in the Warmia bishopric). Following Chojeński’s request, Dantiscus encloses the document of resignation from the Warmia canonry in favor of Stanisław Hozjusz, but points out that his own election to the office of bishop has not been approved yet, so formally the canonry is not vacant. Dantiscus is also worried that his resignation in favor of Hozjusz could enrage the queen, whose request that he resign in favor of Rafał Konopacki he turned down, arguing that he had earlier promised to resign in favor of Fabian Wojanowski. Dantiscus assures Chojeński that he is in favor of Hozjusz’s candidacy, but fears that by supporting Hozjusz at this point he will gain the reputation of a changeable and deceitful person. He trusts that Chojeński can find a way out that will impair neither Dantiscus’ position at the court nor his good name. Above all, though, Dantiscus does not want to go against Chojeński’s will in any way. Dantiscus points out to Chojeński that Fabian Wojanowski is an ideal future candidate for one of the Prussian bishoprics. He describes the dangers and hardships suffered by Wojanowski in the course of his diplomatic service. Dantiscus asks that the documents and the king’s letters to Rome concerning his provision in the Warmia bishopric and Tiedemann Giese’s in the Chełmno bishopric be drawn up in two copies. Georg Hegel should send one copy immediately from Cracow to Rome to the proxies, so that they can deal with the matter at once. Chojeński should send the other copy (the original) back to Dantiscus and Giese, and they will post it to Rome after attaching the other necessary documents and money. Dantiscus asks that the king issue a letter to the Chapter and the faithful of the Chełmno diocese, with Giese’s nomination for Chełmno bishop. He informs Chojeński that the payment for issuing the documents will be made by Hegel. Dantiscus had no difficulty with recognizing Chojeński as the anonymous high-ranking official whose advice and admonitions royal envoy Nipszyc recounted to him. Dantiscus promises to follow this advice and is very grateful to Chojeński for giving it. He asks him for further support, and would be particularly obliged for admonitions related to the salvation of the soul. Dantiscus is worried about Nipszyc’s health. He is pleased that Chojeński has obtained a new appointment for him. Dantiscus asks Chojeński to appeal to the king that he free his aging friend, tired of court life and diplomatic activity, from service. Dantiscus promises to send Chojeński further news through Nipszyc, when Nipszyc departs from the Prussian assembly to return to Cracow.

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