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Letter #1788

Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-11-16

English register: Dantiscus is replying to two letters from Chojeński. He thanks him for the congratulations. He is very grateful for the king’s letters to the pope and the Cardinal Protector, drawn up in accordance with the previously sent forms. He informs Chojeński that he has received the letters together with copies and is sending them, and the gold as well, through his brother Bernard (von Höfen) and the Fuggers’ bank to the addressees in Rome. Dantiscus asks Chojeński to obtain from the king letters to the pope and the Cardinal Protector on the reduction of his and Giese’s annates. He points out the incompatibility of the amounts, set at the Council of Constance, in relation to the present financial situation of the Chełmno bishop, whose diocese is much poorer than previously as a result of ruinous wars. Dantiscus indicates that when he was taking office as Chełmno bishop, he tried to get the fee reduced, to no avail. He doesn’t want his successor to be treated equally unjustly. He encloses the appropriate sample letters. They will also be delivered with his brother’s help, through Georg Hegel. Bernard has also received instructions on further action with respect to the canonry depending on Chojeński’s decision. Therefore Dantiscus asks him to let him know of that decision. Dantiscus suggests it is time that Prussia was sent the royal mandates concerning taxes. He fears that without these mandates, it will be impossible to start collecting taxes.

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