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Letter #2012

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Tiedemann GIESE
Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warmiński), 1538-12-09

English register:

Dantiscus presents his position on the advice of the Voivode of Marienburg [Georg von Baysen] regarding the tax. He would agree to retaining the tax until the next Diet if all [the Prussian senators] were unanimous, but since they are not, he intends to follow the royal decree to the letter and send the tax money to Marienburg as soon as possible.

In the face of a lack of concern for public affairs on the part of the majority [of the Prussian senators], Dantiscus expresses apprehension about the future of [Prussian] privileges and immunities when the now aged Voivode [of Marienburg, Georg von Baysen] dies. He anticipates he will be unable to defend them without his support.

Dantiscus is grateful to Giese and the Voivode of Marienburg for their sympathy, but he does not think it necessary for them to intervene at the royal court until he receives a reply to his letter [IDL 2001]. He suggests that copies of the [Prussian Council’s] letters to the King from the latest Grudziądz Diet regarding the issue of the contribution should be sent out to the voivodes. If Giese would kindly do that, he would make it easier to reference that letter if it became necessary to stand in Dantiscus’ defence.

Dantiscus has learned that the parish priests from Löbau and Kazanice(?) are demanding that the church administrators [in Kulm] return the money once provided by the fraternity of priests for rebuilding the church after the fire which affected the town during Dantiscus’ pontificate. Dantiscus considers their demands unjustified.

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, address in secretary's hand, BCz, 245, p. 109-112
2register with excerpt in Latin, Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8243 (TK 5), a.1538, f. 48
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