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Letter #3631

Czerwińsk, 1539-03-25

English register:

Jan Lewicki thanks Dantiscus for his letter and generosity. He promises to pray for him with his fellow friars. He invites Dantiscus to stop for the night at his convent in Czerwińsk any time he travels to Cracow or Piotrków. He recalls the times [of their joint diplomatic travels] when Dantiscus was his mentor and guardian. He wants to repay him for this.

He will keep the beer received from Dantiscus for Easter, when more than sixty canons regular will come from all the provostships. From among them, he will choose two he can trust, distinguished by good manners, with at least some German language skills and experience as parish priests, to send them to Dantiscus after Easter. He does not trust the secular clergy as much. He asks where Dantiscus intends to send them. He assures him that the men he sends will need little to satisfy them, they will not be arrogant nor seek payment, just as long as they have food and clothing.

He is sending two barrels of local beer to Dantiscus and one to the administrator [Achatius Trenck?]. If Dantiscus likes the taste, he will always send some; if not, let his brother Bernhard [von Höfen] and the administrator drink it. He is also sending the administrator an ambling horse (gradarius), the best one he has, and thanks him for the breeding stallion he sent; he has not tried it yet, because a larger one was needed.

In exchange for the abundance of fish and herring received, he sends some very dry boletus mushrooms; he does not use them himself, as they are suspect; he does not know if Dantiscus eats them. He would like to pay whatever the administrator demands for the excellent fish. He is writing to him about this. He asks what else Dantiscus might need from him.

He justifies the delayed return of Dantiscus’ messenger with the draught horses’ exhaustion. Also, they were waiting for the Piątków beer and the mushrooms.

            received [1539]-03-28

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, BCz, 1595, p. 999-1004
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