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Letter #405

Bruges, 1528-05-06

English register:

It is decided that De Schepper will go to Poland. His other assignment [viz. a mission to Scotland] is no longer relevant since the English have changed their attitude. The only proponents of war are the King [Henry VIII] and Cardinal Wolsey, while the people support the Emperor [Charles V]. Hence an armed conflict would be in favour of the Habsburgs. De Schepper's departure was delayed as long as nothing was determined about the English. The commander in chief is still in Brabant, but will probably leave soon. De Schepper is currently staying in Bruges, where he has made good progress in a matter of great importance to him [viz. his marriage to Elisabeth Donche]. However he still intends to return to Spain after his mission to Poland.

Margrave Joachim of Brandenburg has decided that his wife [Elisabeth of Denmark], the sister of King Christian, should be executed or imprisoned, because of her conversion to Lutheranism. She has taken refuge with her uncle, the Prince-Elector of Saxony [Johann der Beständige]. A war is imminent between the Margrave of Brandenburg and his brother the Archbishop of Mayence [Albrecht von Hohenzollern] on one side, and the Prince-Elector of Saxony and the Landgrave of Hesse [Philip I] on the other. De Schepper promises more news about this conflict, as soon as he has arrived in Germany. Moreover, he does not have his codebook at hand.

De Schepper wants to be recommended to their mutual friends. He asks Dantiscus to further his interests with the Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara], and to recommend him in his letters to Poland. He sends greetings to Margrave Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg, Juan Antonio Marliano, Dantiscus' brother Bernhard [von Höfen], and the nuntius Mariae.

            received Madrid, [1528]-08-29

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