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Letter #692

Luxembourg, 1531-10-04

English register:

De Schepper can hardly find time to write letters. He and his colleague act as governors of the Duchy of Luxembourg, an honourable but demanding task. That is why he insists on his recall; he asks Dantiscus to support his request when he meets [Nicolas Perrenot de] Granvelle. De Schepper wants to be present at the negotiations that will be held in France.

He mentions the rumours about the arrival of Hieronim Łaski and comments on a recent book on the comets published in German by a follower of Zwingli. He asks Dantiscus to procure him similar publications because he supposes that he will not soon be relieved of his duties. The appointment of a new governor is delayed by fear of the plague, although it is on the decline. He encloses a letter for his wife [Elisabeth Donche].

            received Brussels, [1531]-10-08

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Auxiliary sources:
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