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Letter #705

Luxembourg, 1531-10-29

English register:

De Schepper thanks Dantiscus for his letter. He is disappointed by the absence of any answer to his letter to the Emperor [Charles V] and the delaying of the appointment of a new governor for the Duchy of Luxembourg.

He feels exhausted and numbed by all the evil caused by the epidemics. Being used to an intense social life, he can hardly bear his current isolation and the uncertainty about his recall makes it even worse. Dantiscus must plead De Schepper's cause with the people of influence at court.

De Schepper is pleased that Dantiscus transmitted his message to the Castellan of Cracow [Krzysztof Szydłowiecki]. He congratulates Dantiscus on [his booklet on] the Polish victory over the Valachs, and he is very pleased that the departure of the imperial court for Germany is postponed.

The bearer of this letter, the envoy of the Margrave of Baden [Bernhard III] to the Emperor, is recommended to Dantiscus. De Schepper refutes the common negative opinion on the Margrave of Baden, who is a great-grandson of Cymburgis of Masovia. Dantiscus should deliver the attached letter to [Wilhelm] von Rogendorf.

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