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Letter #7175

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Jan Benedyktowicz SOLFA
ca. 1538-04-30
            received 1538-05-23
Letter lost, reconstructed on the basis of IDL 3657: <i>Hodie domino Fabiano meas dedi cum descriptione pilularum, e quibus interdum ad noctem eundo dormitum, unam dumtaxat capere, absque molestia, esset proficuum. Et ad hoc faciendum movent me scripta hodie Reverendissimae Paternitatis Vestrae per familiarem accepta, quae stupore se aliquanto brachii olim etiamnum, dein reumate ex stillicidio in faucibus praesertim gravatam fuisse narrat cum deiectione affectuum naturalium.</i>; probably dispatched together with IDL 6496
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