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Letter #7203

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Sigismund I Jagiellon
before 1538-11-11, perhaps end of October

Letter lost, reconstructed on the basis of IDL 1984: <i>Veniens huc tabellio Vestrae Dominationis Reverendissimae reddidit mihi litteras, quarum distributionem me feci, ut debeo absente domino Samuele Maczieyewski (missus enim erat cum aliis ad conventus particulares). Inprimis accessi ad senem, aegrum regem, cuius maiestati convenientibus verbis accommodatis unas reddidi. Quas dolentibus unctis manibus in lectulo diu tenens gratiose intuebatur loquens mecum de peste, de foetoribus Gdanen(sium), et alia.</i>; cf. IDL 1979, IDL 1986 which answer to letters of Dantiscus of the same expedition as IDL 7203
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