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Letter #727

Chambéry, 1531-12-16

English register:

De Schepper has spent a few days in Chambéry, where he has held discussions with the Duke of Savoy [Charles III]. He found the Duchess [Beatrice of Portugal] quite civilised.

The outcome of the case [the armed conflict between the Swiss Protestant and Roman Catholic cantons] was as expected. After the double defeat the people of Zürich have forced the magistrates to conduct peace negotiations.

De Schepper gives a summary of the peace treaty between the five Catholic cantons and Zürich that was concluded on 16 November 1531. The five cantons were initially reluctant to conclude peace with Bern. Eventually a treaty was concluded on 24 November in the presence of the ambassadors of France, Savoy, Ernst Margrave of Baden, the Duchess of Longueville [Jeanne de Hochberg] and the three cantons that had remained neutral. The conditions are largely the same as those for Zürich. The differences are listed by De Schepper.

On 4 December there was an uprising of the common people in Bern, in which additional demands were made. As the turmoil continues, it is believed that peace will not last.

De Schepper will travel to Milan, and then return to the Emperor [Charles V]. He gives instructions on forwarding their correspondence.

            received Brussels, [1531]-12-30

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