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Letter #752

Brussels, 1532-02-18

English register:

De Schepper is back in Brussels at last after a difficult mission. On his journey back he reported on the situation in Switzerland and Italy to the King of the Romans [Ferdinand] and to the Emperor [Charles V], whom he met in Mauence. Both Princes appreciated De Schepper's judgment. The Emperor granted him a leave of six weeks, whereafter he should join the court again, presumably for another assignment relating to the Swiss problem. He recommends that Dantiscus defer his departure until April. Then, they can travel to the imperial court together. Moreover, in the current winter season travelling is very uncomfortable and dangerous, as De Schepper has experienced during his journey. He is staying in Brussels for several days, where he will try to obtain the payment of a sum that is due to him.

On his way back, he was the guest of the Prince-Bishop of Liège [Erard de la Marck], who strongly urged De Schepper to inform Dantiscus that he can provide him with money when necessary. The Prince-Bishop invites Dantiscus to spend Lent with him at his castle in Kuringen. He can provide Dantiscus with everything his status requires. De Schepper insists that Dantiscus should accept the Prince-Bishop’s offer, and gives some travelling advice.

In Liège De Schepper met the son of the Castellan of Biecz [Mikołaj Myszkowski, son of Wawrzyniec Myszkowski], who was employed by the Prince-Bishop on the recommendation of Dantiscus. The boy enjoys the particular attention and the full confidence of his employer, proof that the latter holds Dantiscus in high esteem.

Dantiscus attaches too much importance to the planned conference in Passau: neither the delegates [of King Ferdinand] - the Bishop of Ljubljana [Christoph Rauber], [Sigmund von] Dieterichstein, [Sigmund von] Herberstein, Beat [Widmann] and Alexius Thurzó - nor the envoys of the Emperor - Count Palatine Friedrich and the Bishop of Speyer [Philipp von Flersheim] - have already left for there. It is rumoured that Krzysztof Szydłowiecki and others will attend the meeting on behalf of the Polish King [Sigismund I].

Because of his misconduct during his last embassy Hieronim Łaski is now loathed by the King of the Romans and those who used to admire [or mistrust?] (suspiciebant) him. Not only has he negotiated in Augsburg with representatives of Lutheran princes and cities, and with enemies of the Empire, such as the followers of Hans Thomas von Absberg and Hans Thomas von Rosenberg, but he has moreover suggested that he holds the keys to war and peace with the Turks. He was, however, unable to present a mandate when asked by the King of Romans. Upon this the King publicly expressed his disapproval of the actions of Łaski, who then left the Austrian court and threatened to lead the Turks into Austria to avenge his honour. Consequently, there is not much hope for negotiations.

De Schepper would like to meet Dantiscus before his departure. His thoughts will always be with him. He advises Dantiscus once again not to leave so early in the year, and he insists that he should accept the offer of the Prince-Bishop of Liège.

            received Antwerp, 1532-02-19

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