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Letter #79

Iacobus ROBBIUS Aldenardus to Ioannes DANTISCUS
Ghent (Gandavum), [1531-11-28?]

English register:

In a hilarious way, Robbius pretends to be very angry, because he apparently is the only one of Dantiscus’ companions who did not receive a copy of his Victoria Serenissimi Poloniae Regis. Did Robbius do something wrong? Does Dantiscus consider him so stupid and void of literacy as to be unable to add to Dantiscus’ glory? It may well be that Robbius’ parents educated a rude, stupid and even lazy son, lacking any distinctive character, but they did give him the ability to admire what he was unable to praise in accordance with its worth. Perhaps Dantiscus may think that Robbius would not have praised him enough, but had he had a copy of his Victoria, then he would have shown it to his friends, which would have greatly benefitted his reputation. Dantiscus may defend himself by saying he gave Karel Uutenhove three or even four copies, one of which was destined for Robbius. But he should have known the character of the people of Ghent, who make money out of absolutely everything! In place of the copy he never received, Robbius will write a pagella of his own, by which Dantiscus may obtain forgiveness for his wrongdoing. After that Robbius will have a fresh opportunity to send him a much longer letter, for his company is very dear to him.

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Auxiliary sources:
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