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Letter #832

Augsburg, 1532-09-14

English register:

De Schepper reports a difficult task which he performed successfully, viz. to obtain a supply of gunpowder from the cities of Ulm and Augsburg for the imperial forces. He stresses that everything is under control in the realm of the Emperor [Charles V]. He refers to the astrological interpretation of the events he gave earlier to Dantiscus.

The Emperor has left Regensburg and is staying in Linz. De Schepper himself is leaving for Regensburg, to meet Gabriele da Martinengo, commander of the imperial artillery.

He had an interview with a person who is indirectly referred to [probably the French ambassador Claude Dodieu], who tried to recruit him in the service of his Prince [Francis I of France], whenever the Emperor should send him away. He only agreed to the meeting after consulting the [Archbishop?] of Bari (Barensis) [Gabriel Merino?] and [Nicolas Perrenot de] Granvelle. He politely responded to the proposal, without any commitment. Afterwards he reported to Granvelle, Barensis and Valdés, who appreciated his attitude. De Schepper is reluctant to make his fortune in such a way, and he asks Dantiscus for advice.

There is no further news; everything depends on the war against the Turks. Astrological signs point to an unsatisfactory outcome for both sides. He recommends the bearers of this letter and promises more news from Linz. He sends greetings from Hieronymus Sailer.

            received 1532-09-24

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