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Letter #837

Vienna, 1532-09-30

English register:

De Schepper and Godschalk [Ericksen] have arrived in Vienna. Godschalk has recovered from dysentery; the disease was probably caused by his grief over the death of Prince John [of Denmark]. De Schepper refers to his successful commission in Ulm and Augsburg, his letter from Augsburg and his meeting with Gabriele da Martinengo. Dantiscus' letter was transmitted to him by Fabian [Wojanowski].

He thinks that the Spaniards now in power at the imperial court are well disposed towards him, and he also counts on the support of the Germans.

Dantiscus has rightfully earned the favour of his princes [Sigismund I and Bona Sforza], and their compensation for his expenses.

De Schepper has replied to the Queen [Bona Sforza], that he is willing to accept any assignment from her; he leaves it to her discretion to determine his remuneration. At the moment he has to render an account of his expenses for the purchase of military equipment. Although these purchases were made in full transparency, it is not easily explained to the Spaniards who are in charge of the accounts.

Of [Wolfgang] Prantner he has heard nothing; he is currently active in Pressburg. The Turks have not yet arrived there.

The Emperor [Charles V] has mitigated his stance on the issue of the Jews, after those who were imprisoned in Antwerp allowed him a loan. Ioannes Venetus Lapidarius, an acquaintance of Dantiscus, has disappeared after leaving Regensburg to deliver evidence about what had been concluded in Burg Kogl. He probably fell into an ambush.

De Schepper is pleased that Dantiscus recommended him to some Polish dignitaries. He welcomes the news about their mutual friend [Nikolaus] Nibschitz, and expresses his appreciation for Fabian Damerau.

The panic caused by the advance of the Turks has proved exaggerated. Their huge army disintegrated near Güns (Köszeg) and other places, and faced retaliation for their looting. This fear has been subdued at present, and the Emperor has everything settled. Hence he has decided to spend next winter in Italy, consigning the command to his brother [Ferdinand I], who will soon leave to occupy Buda.

In Vienna people from all over the Empire are present: from Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. There is plague in the city; last night [Alfonso de] Valdés fell ill, and De Schepper visited him that same morning. He has no time to write more, and sends greetings from Godschalk. The Count [Leonardus] of Nogarola and Joseph Lamberg have returned. The Archbishop of Lund [Johan Weze] is on a mission on behalf of the Emperor.

            received Löbau (Lubawa), 1532-10-24

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