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Letter #916

Vienna, 1533-03-18

English register:

De Schepper complains that Dantiscus is not answering his letters and that he has had no news about him through their mutual friend [Nikolaus] Nibschitz.

He can understand that upon returning home Dantiscus' attention exclusively went to his family and friends, but such a long silence is hard to forgive. Even though some of De Schepper’s letters might have been intercepted, several other letters have been sent through reliable channels. He insists that Dantiscus write to him, or at least dictate a letter, as he is anxious to be reassured about his friend's wellbeing.

Together with the Archbishop of Lund [Johan Weze] he attended the meeting in Pressburg with the envoys of the Voivode [John Zápolya]. The case of King Ferdinand seems to be developing favourably. The Sultan [Suleiman the Magnificent] has sent an envoy to King Ferdinand; in the meantime a truce is being maintained. According to messages from Constantinople he aims at a lasting peace. The Imperial Diet in Pressburg has been suspended until the arrival of the envoy.

He reports on the movements of Charles V in Italy. The Archbishop of Bari [Esteban Gabriel Merino] has been made cardinal. In Italy a new league has been concluded; the commander of the troops is Antonio de Leiva. By order of the Pope [Clement VII] the impending excommunication of the King of England [Henry VIII] was proclaimed in the dioceses of Therouanne and Tournai. The Scots seem to be preparing for a war against England. In Germany, everything is quiet. After he has put things in order in Spain, the Emperor Charles V will establish the seat of his Empire in the Kingdom of Naples.

Hieronymus Sailer asks for news of Dantiscus. Godschalk will follow the Emperor to Spain. Ericksen is representing the interests of Queen [Bona] at the imperial court, as De Schepper's deputy. The Queen has consulted with him about replacing Godschalk, because she has heard that the latter is not in the favour of the Emperor, which is completely untrue.

De Schepper expects that he will travel to Flanders after his current mission, and from there to Spain, while the Archbishop of Lund will travel to Spain via Italy. Dantiscus can ask him without any problem to arrange some matters for him in Spain. De Schepper encloses a letter to Dantiscus forwarded from Spain.

He reports on the itinerary of the Emperor and Empress [Isabella of Portugal], and further urges Dantiscus to give some sign of life. He conveys greetings from his wife [Elisabeth Donche] and Mark Laurijn and reports on an inheritance dispute following the death of the lord of Fiennes [Jacques III of Luxembourg].

He expresses his discontent concerning the succession of [Alfonso de] Valdés by a favourite of [Francisco] de los Cobos. In guarded terms he repeats what he learned from Godschalk about the handling of a problem with Jewish subjects at the imperial court, and about the actions of Johann Vuystinck in this matter.

He criticises a number of people, and also the change of power at court. He feels uncertain about his prospects, now that all his acquaintances there are gone. He refers Dantiscus to Hieronymus Łaski for more detailed information.

He suggests that Dantiscus send his letters through two different channels.

            received 1533-03-28

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