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Text #176

Elisabeth DONCHE to Michiel DE VRIENDT
Bruges 1531-07-01
English register:

On her way home from Ghent, Elisabeth searched for Dantiscus’ glass, which was lost by his barber on his way from Bruges to Ghent. The glass was found by a poor child, who gave it to his mother. Donche is sending it to De Vriendt and hopes his master will be pleased. She recommends herself and her sister to Dantiscus.

She is sending De Vriendt a letter to be transmitted to her husband, and asks him to send her the letters that arrive for her, as there are plenty of messengers between Ghent and Bruges.

In a postscript she informs that the messenger has been paid, so Michiel should give him nothing.

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Dutch, BCz, 1595, p. 289-290

1CEID 2/2 Appendix No. 4, p. 599-600 (in extenso; English register)
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