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Letter #1233

Madrid, 1534-11-05

English register:

[...] The Welsers have sent a new fleet with 500 men to the Indies [viz. the Americas], led by Nicolaus Federmann. The former commander of the Welser colony, Ambrosius [Ehinger], was slain in an Indian ambush on his return from the newly discovered gold mines. Federmann was appointed to replace him, and he departed from Cádiz last month.

[Hernán] Cortés is still alive, but there are no messengers to or from him. Dantiscus' friends, the Grudii brothers and De Schepper himself, have read Dantiscus' elegy and epitaph with great pleasure. It reminded them of the dying Hercules who recalls his exploits in Ovid. He does not begrudge the Polish Monarchs [Sigismund I and Bona Sforza] their reign over Muscovy, but he thinks that their initiative came too late to succeed. Dantiscus can send his letters to Vienna or to Flanders. De Schepper reaffirms his friendship and promises to write a longer letter soon.

            received [1535]-02-16

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