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Letter #1539

Brussels, 1536-09-14

English register:

De Schepper is writing this letter to Dantiscus at the request of Franz Conrad von Sickingen, who arrived in Brussels right after De Schepper wrote his last letter [IDL 1537] – he is sending both letters together. Sickingen inquired about Dantiscus, was pleased to hear he was in good health and asked that he be told that the present turbulent times of war are exactly the kind of times that Dantiscus once wished him. They are much more advantageous for Sickingen’s affairs than were those earlier times.

Sickingen’s brother Hans also commends himself to Dantiscus; he had a unit of 400 horsemen under his command in the Emperor’s service in Luxembourg and is currently disbanding the troops before winter.

Godschalk [Ericksen] and [Floris] van Egmond-Buren send their best wishes. There is no fresh news about the French and the Emperor.

De Schepper’s wife [Elisabeth Donche], her sister [Joanna Donche] and De Schepper’s son [Cornelis jr.] send Dantiscus greetings.

Godschalk [Ericksen] adds in his own hand that he is still on the road and can find no peace anywhere, but that he is healthy and remains devoted to Dantiscus, wishing him health and happiness.

            received 1536-10-16

Manuscript sources:
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Auxiliary sources:
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2register in English, 20th-century, CBKUL, R.III, 30, No. 97

1DE VOCHT 1961 No. DE, 334, p. 274-275 (English register)
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