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Letter #1594

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Jan CHOJEƃSKI]
Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-03-16

English register:

Dantiscus congratulates ChojeƄski on obtaining a high public office (Grand Chancellor). He asks ChojeƄski not to overstrain himself in fulfilling his new duties.

Dantiscus informs ChojeƄski that the Prussian gentry’s envoys are spreading false rumors about the Diet in Cracow, saying that all the king’s personnel decisions concerning already assigned canonries and coadjutorships have been withdrawn, and that the king allegedly snubbed Dantiscus in the gift presentations. Dantiscus was told this by the CheƂmno voivode (Jan LuzjaƄski), whom he met on his way back to Prussia. Dantiscus sees no positive effects of the reprimand ChojeƄski gave on behalf of the king to the Prussian gentry’s envoys. He hopes that the lies will be rectified by the royal commissioners coming to the assembly. He has also written on this matter to the king. He is delighted about the 60 florins he received from the king as if there were ten times more of them. He intends to cast a cup from them so that he can drink the king’s health.

Dantiscus asks ChojeƄski when he plans to go to his diocese. He also asks him to give him the names of the envoys sent by the king to the assembly. He would very much like to see ChojeƄski among them.

Dantiscus suggests to ChojeƄski that the Polish king, from the position of a Christian ruler, should rebuke the king of Denmark for imprisoning the bishops. He is also appealing to the Polish bishops, as being better off than him, for help for the Swedish bishops (Ioannes Magnus, Hans Brask, Magnus Haraldsson) who are in exile in GdaƄsk and destitute. Dantiscus explains that he cannot help them himself because he spent over 1000 florins during the Diet in Cracow.


Dantiscus asks the addressee to intercede with the king on the matter of CheƂmno castellan MikoƂaj DziaƂyƄski appropriating the income from the indulgence that is held twice a year in the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary near Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. Previously, this income was appropriated by the now deceased PƂock castellan WieczwieƄski. Dantiscus feels obliged to make sure that this income, legally due to the Nowe Miasto Lubawskie parish, is not used for lay purposes.

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