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Letter #1729

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Johan WEZE]
Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-09-28

English register: Dantiscus is replying to Weze’s letter. He apologizes for taking so long. The news received from Weze concerning Isabel (Delgada) has been confirmed in the letters of (Diego Gracián de Alderete) suitor of Dantiscus’ daughter (Juana Dantisca). Dantiscus is embittered at the lack of response to his proposals as to his daughter’s future, of which he informed Ehinger in a letter, so he has decided not to interfere with the course of events. He writes unfavorably of Gracián, about whom Albrecht Cuon wrote to him that he is proud and that he suffers from the French disease. He also suggests that Juana may not be his child. Dantiscus informs Weze that Prussian Prince Albrecht was present at the coronation of the prince of Holstein as king of Denmark, which took place in recent days in Copenhagen. The pestilence is spreading on the (Baltic) coast, so Albrecht was forced to return from the coronation by sea. The ceremonies were magnificent but, despite the hopes they raised, and knowing the nature of the Danes, Dantiscus does not believe in lasting peace in this region. Dantiscus thanks Weze for the news and states that the political situation has deteriorated substantially. He is particularly shocked at the news of the alliance between France and Turkey. He is also worried at the lack of news from Cornelis De Schepper. He states his wish (yet again) that the epitaph he wrote for Alfonso Valdes be placed in the church (where Valdes is buried in Vienna), especially since he has paid for a space on the wall. He criticizes the new custom of charging such a fee. Dantiscus would greatly like to see Weze again someday, and encourages him to write letters. He informs Weze about his election to the post of Warmia bishop. He hopes Weze will also be promoted to some major German or Spanish bishopric.

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