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Letter #1793

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to [Tiedemann GIESE]
Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-11-17

English register: Dantiscus is replying to Giese’s letter. He explains the delay, stating as the reasons the illness of his brother Bernard (von Höfen) and the necessity to prepare letters to Rome and the royal courts of Poland, the emperor and the Roman king. Bernard, now recovered, left with these letters for Cracow the previous day. Dantiscus informs Giese about the means by which he is sending the amount of 2000 ducats, gathered by them both to pay for their annates, to Rome. The procedure involves the Fuggers’ factors in Toruń, Iacobus Ludovicus (Decius) and his brother Iustus Ludovicus, and the Fuggers’ factor in Cracow, Georg Hegel. Dietrich (von Rheden) will be able to obtain money from the Fuggers’ bank in Rome. The bank is not supposed to inform the plenipotentiaries in Rome about the amount of money they have at their disposal which, Dantiscus expects, will make them more thrifty. If the required sum were to exceed 2000 ducats, Anton Fugger has sent a letter declaring his willingness to lend them money. Dantiscus is sending Giese a copy of his letter to Rheden (letter No. 63). He has also written to Hegel to make sure that the king’s letter on taking over management in the dioceses reaches Giese as soon as possible. This letter will be written on the basis of the papal provision bulla that will soon arrive in Cracow from Rome. Dantiscus states that as long as he uses the title of Chełmno bishop, he will not hand over the management of the bishopric to the Chapter. If he leaves the diocese earlier, he will leave behind one of his cousins as a plenipotentiary. He promises to leave Giese the income from the transition period after subtracting current costs. Trusting in the deep friendship between him and the cardinal protector (Antonio Pucci) when they were in Spain and Italy together, Dantiscus expects he will help in the matter of getting Giese’s annates reduced. He sends Giese a copy of his letter to the cardinal protector and informs Giese that he has entrusted to Bernard the task of presenting the matter at the royal court and of sending (through the royal chancellery) the letters about the annates, drawn up by Giese in the name of the king, the queen and the Cracow bishop (Jan Chojeński), to the pope and the cardinal protector. Dantiscus informs Giese of the route and time of his planned journey to Lidzbark, asking that he pass this information on to the Warmia Chapter: he plans to dispatch his personal effects in the coming few days, while he himself will set off from Lubawa on December 4, spend the night in Gietrzwałd and then Dobre Miasto, and reach Lidzbark on December 6.

Manuscript sources:
1office copy in Latin, in secretary's hand, BCz, 244, p. 315-316

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8248 (TK 10), f. 649

1CEID 1/1 No. 81, p. 341-345 (in extenso; English register)
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