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Letter #1842

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Tiedemann GIESE
Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warmiński), 1538-03-24

English register:

Dantiscus describes to Giese his grief at the death of the Bishop of Cracow [Jan Chojeński], he considers it a great loss for the Church and the state; he ponders on how the best people are passing away while only useless people remain, and criticizes the ecclesiastical dignitaries in Rome – among other things, their lack of morals is proven by the delay in arranging the formalities related to his and Giese’s confirmations.

Dantiscus declares he will follow Giese’s advice and will perform the consecration of the Chrism according to schedule even though he has not yet received the documents; he will write more once he can control the emotions he is feeling; he will pray for the deceased man’s soul, of whose holiness he is convinced.

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, address in secretary's hand, BCz, 245, p. 21-24
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