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Letter #1871

Ioannes DANTISCUS to [Tiedemann GIESE]
Hohenstein (Olsztynek), 1538-07-12

English register:

Dantiscus left Wrocław (Breslau)on the 18th [of June], and on the 19th [Ferdinand I of Habsburg] departed for Olomouc. From the 27th [of June] to the 1st [of July], Dantiscus was in Cracow, where he dealt with the matters entrusted to him in Giese’s letter.

On the 4th [of July] the royal couple [Sigismund I Jagiellon and Bona Sforza] escorted the young king [Sigismund II Augustus] to Bochnia, on his way to war with the "Wallachian" [Petru IV Raresh].

Georg Hegel maintains that the bulls [of confirmation] were sent to Dantiscus and Giese on the 9th April. He does not know why they are taking such a long time to arrive. Dantiscus suspects this failed delivery is the fault of Dietrich von Rheden, who wants to present them in person, but Dantiscus does not think this is to his credit.

Hegel will promptly send Dantiscus the bill that Quirinus Galler is meant to send [from Rome], and also the document on assuming administration of the bishopric that Samuel Maciejowski promised to pass on as soon as the King receives the decision of the Pope [Paul III] regarding Giese.

Returning from Cracow, Dantiscus took the shorter way through Mazowsze, which is why he did not stop for a visit.

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, BCz, 245, p. 37-38
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