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Letter #2129

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Tiedemann GIESE
Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warmiński), 1539-04-01

English register:

Dantiscus discusses the planned reply to the Duke’s [Albrecht von Hohenzollern’s] letter regarding the envoys to the [Royal Prussian] Diet. The opinion of the Gdańsk Town Council and the Elbing Town Council is the same as his own. If the addressee and the [Prussian] lords do not hold a different view, he proposes that once they present him with their letter to the Duke, he will have his own messenger deliver it.

Dantiscus is outraged by reports on Alexander [Sculteti’s] doings. He is said to have returned to Ermland from Giese’s in a cheerful mood, dispatched mail to Rome, and also accused Dantiscus of unlawful action in writing to the [Ermland] Chapter. Alexander’s wife has no intention of leaving the house [belonging to the Chapter] despite the threat of excommunication (censurae).

Dantiscus cannot believe that Giese is more sympathetic towards Alexander than towards him. He reminds Giese of the benefits of having his friendship. He asks him not to break it off and to support him.

Dantiscus is doubtful whether his poem [Carmen paraeneticum ad Constantem Alliopagum] will be printed, but is sending an epigram that he added to it following Giese’s remarks.

            received 1539-04-04

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, address in secretary's hand, BCz, 245, p. 159-162
2register with excerpt in Latin, Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8243 (TK 5), a.1539, f. 14r-v
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