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Letter #2161

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Tiedemann GIESE
Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warmiński), 1539-06-06, postscript 1539-06-09

English register:

Dantiscus thanks Giese for his words of comfort [after his mother’s death].

He shares his opinion on the matter of the [Prussian] assembly.

At the request of the castellan of Gdańsk [Achatius von Zehmen], Dantiscus wrote the King [Sigismund I Jagiellon] a letter of recommendation regarding Lake Drausen, taking the opportunity to ask that the [Prussian] assembly be moved to St. Michael’s Day [29 September].

He has recounted the matter more extensively to the Vice-Chancellor [Samuel Maciejowski]. He has also advised the Castellan of Gdańsk to write, together with the Voivode [of Marienburg, Georg von Baysen] and the other lords, to the King in the same spirit. Dantiscus would like the letter to be sent open and with affixed seals of the more important lords – he will send it by his messenger with his own letter.

As has been the case with Giese, to whom only the Castellan of Kulm [Mikołaj Działyński] has replied, none of the lords has sent Dantiscus a reply [on the matter of moving the time of the assembly], but he has received one from the Town Council of Elbing, fearfully writing that they want to stay with the date of 15 June, if the others agree. Dantiscus will inform Giese of any further replies.

Dantiscus did not send to Giese the letter written on 6 June, having been mistaken about the messenger’s plans. In the meantime, he received another letter from the Town Council of Gdańsk. They agree with the letter of the Voivode of Pomerania [Jerzy Konopacki] addressed to Giese. Dantiscus does not doubt that their opinion will also be shared by the Voivode of Marienburg and the Castellan of Gdańsk, but he does not care about the views of the Voivode of Pomerania [Johann von Lusian], who does not usually take part in assemblies. He is also convinced that the Castellan of Elbing [Ludwig von Mortangen], instructed by the others, will also provide his signature.

In this conviction, Dantiscus has prepared the core of a letter from Giese, the voivodes and castellans to the King. He asks Giese to refine the letter according to his own judgement and to send the finished document, signed and with seal affixed, to the other lords, whereas he will make sure it finds its way to the King together with his own letter on the same matter.

He has advised the Town Council of Gdańsk that together with the councils of Thorn and Elbing they should do the same, but he has not sent them a sample of the memo. He asks Giese to do so. He suggests the King should be asked at this point to leave the lords freedom to choose a location for the assembly if the plague should appear in Graudenz by St. Michael’s Day.

He is glad Giese’s health has improved.

            received 1539-06-10

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, autograph, address in secretary's hand, BCz, 245, p. 183-186, 213-214

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8249 (TK 11), f. 88
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