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Letter #2240

Brussels, 1539-11-15

English register:

De Schepper expresses joy at the arrival of Jakob von Barthen with news about Dantiscus’ health. He excuses himself for having written seldom over the past three years due to constant travelling. During this time he has received just one letter from Dantiscus.

De Schepper suggests that Dantiscus is the best candidate for an envoy from Poland who could take part in the talks on the [Turkish] threat, planned to take place soon in the Low Countries between Emperor Charles and [Roman] King Ferdinand. This would be an excellent opportunity for the friends to meet.

De Schepper informs Dantiscus of the death of the Cardinal of Liège [Erard de la Marck] and Counts Hendrik of Nassau and Floris van Egmond-Buren. He sends greetings from the governor of Frisia and Overijssel, Georg Schenck. He reports that Godschalk Ericksen’s journey to Hungary keeps being delayed, and that Dantiscus’ Brussels host (who has sold his canonship), the Lord of Beveren [Adolf of Burgundy], Marcus Creticus, Frédéric de Melun and Margrave [Antoon] van Bergen assure him of their readiness to show Dantiscus hospitality. De Schepper asks that Dantiscus do his best to come, because he would very much like to discuss how to find a remedy for the religious and political problems facing them.

De Schepper suggests that the Poles should assess the Turks’ intentions based on the example of what befell the people of Podolia. In his view, any positive developments depend primarily on harmony between rulers. Dantiscus could contribute greatly to its achievement as a representative of the King [Sigismund I].

De Schepper intercedes for Dantiscus’ daughter [Juana Dantisca] and his son-in-law Gracian [de Alderete]. He encourages Dantiscus to accept their marriage and to show his daughter some paternal feelings.

He informs Dantiscus of the Emperor’s journey to Bayonne, planned at the end of month. The sons of the French King, the Constable [Anne de Montmorency] and the French nobility are travelling to meet him.

He informs Dantiscus that Jakob [von Barthen], De Schepper’s wife [Elisabeth Donche] and her daughter [Catharina Laurijn] commend themselves to him. His wife’s sister [Joanna Donche] has left since her marriage.

Godschalk Ericksen adds in his own hand on the margin of De Schepper’s letter that Queen Mary has appointed him her envoy for her private affairs in Hungary. He is worried by the prospect of travelling to unknown parts, but expects that the mission will be made easier by Dantiscus’ fame; he intends to invoke their friendship. His departure is delayed until the Emperor’s arrival. He recommends his services.

            received 1540-01-06

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