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Letter #2268

[Ioannes DANTISCUS] to Cornelis [DE SCHEPPER]
[Heils]berg (Lidzbark Warmiński), 1541-01-10

English register:

Dantiscus is pleased with the extensive letter, full of wisdom, that De Schepper sent him from Vienna on 18 August. Reading it brought back memories of evenings spent with De Schepper in the moonlight in Burgos. He is replying briefly and hopes to write more as soon as he finds time.

Isabel Delgada and Diego Gracián de Alderete tried to force financial assistance from Dantiscus through the Archbishop of Lund [Johan Weze]. Dantiscus does not intend to give in to this pressure. It was the reason he almost fell into conflict with Weze, who accused him of parsimony.

Dantiscus recalls the horoscope De Schepper read for him in Spain, predicting he would never become rich. He supports De Schepper's plans to keep to a modest life. He asks him to pass on his best wishes to the governor of Friesland, Count Buren, and the many friends De Schepper mentioned in his letter. He informs him he is well and lives a modest, happy life far from the court. He patiently bears the minor spitefulness of envious people by keeping busy reading pious works.

Dantiscus informs De Schepper that the King [Sigismund I] with his son and the Queen are in Lithuania and intend to return to the Kingdom of Poland in the spring, after a peace treaty is signed with Muscovy, as the matter with the Tatars is almost concluded. He mentions Piotr Gamrat's promotion to the Gniezno bishopric after the death of Jan Latalski.

Dantiscus' neighbourly relations with the Duke [Albrecht] are excellent in every way, except concerning religious matters. The neighbours [i.e. the people of Ducal Prussia], contaminated by an unhealthy doctrine, fear the judgment of the Imperial Diet. Meanwhile, Dantiscus expresses the hope that under the Emperor's leadership the Imperial Diet in Regensburg will resolve the religious conflicts peacefully. He asks that De Schepper or Adolphus [de Scornaco] send him an account of the session.

He sends letters and greetings to his friends. Special greetings go to De Schepper's wife and children, the Dean in Bruges [Mark Laurijn], Cobos and Granvelle. He recommends his own services to the Emperor. Dantiscus' brothers – Bernhard the Starost of Heilsberg and Georg the Starost of Rössel – and his sisters – two widows and one who is married to the Starost of Seeburg – also salute De Schepper.

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