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Letter #343

Barcelona, 1527-05-17

English register:

De Schepper received Dantiscus' ciphered letter at the moment they were preparing to set sail. His codebook was already packed in his trunk, but he could grasp the general contents. [De Schepper replaces names of persons with symbols and nicknames, to conceal the meaning of his answer.] He agrees that the [Vice-Chancellor] Balthasar Merklin von Waldkirch?] will soon fall, and expresses his contempt for the attitude of Jean Lalemand towards the Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara].

De Schepper conveyed Dantiscus' matters to the latter. The Chancellor wants to help him but the Emperor [Charles V] does not agree. Their departure was delayed by the arrival of a messenger with news about the arrival of the Pope [Clement VII]. The Chancellor is determined to leave for Italy. He plans to return within two months. He intends to accompany the Pope [to Spain]. He has left behind most of his retinue, luggage, horses and mules. De Schepper has also dismissed his servant Ioannes, who will bring his letter to Dantiscus. He will engage him again upon his return to Spain. Meanwhile Ioannes is at the service of Louis of Praet; De Schepper also recommends his servant to Dantiscus. He will do his best to bring back the Chancellor. [Louis] of Praet visited the Chancellor [as mediator on the Emperor's behalf]. As a result, the Chancellor will visit his possessions in Italy, and will subsequently accompany the Pope on his voyage to Spain. De Schepper comments on the ships they will use for the journey. The Chancellor is in good health now. When De Schepper is back in Spain he will compensate for the departure of Dantiscus' acquaintances the count [of Montfort-Rothenfels] and [Wolfgang] Prantner. He promises to write from Genoa.

De Schepper is pleased with the victory [of Poland] over the Tatars. He is worried about bad omens, and there is also disturbing news from Turkey. The circumstances of the journey were not suitable for De Schepper to take care of the issue Dantiscus has entrusted to him. As the documents are currently enclosed in his trunk, this will have to wait until his arrival in Genoa. He will write more from the port of Palamos.

He recommends himself to Dantiscus’ paramour [Isabel Delgada] and the Vice-Chancellor.

            received Valladolid, [1527]-05-27

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Auxiliary sources:
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