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Letter #425

Alfonso de VALDÉS to Ioannes DANTISCUS
Toledo, 1529-02-14

English register:

Valdés is happy about Dantiscus’ letter. He writes of his adoration for him. He expresses the fear that Lalemand will escape punishment because other influential scoundrels like him are working for his benefit; luckily the emperor [Charles V] has decided he will not be admitted to the court anymore. The chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara] liked Dantiscus’ texts [the epicedium and epitaph] about Lalemand very much and so did all their friends. Valdés impatiently awaits the remaining promised texts. He worries that he cannot send Dantiscus a copy of his dialogue about the sack of Rome for review, nor his text about the duel (ratio singularis certaminis), because Ioannes[Juan Saganta?] is seriously ill while the other scribe [Gonzalo Peréz?] is busy at the chancellery. He guesses, however, that these texts won’t be published in print anytime soon. He considers Lalemand’s imprisonment and the violent death of the papal nuncio [Baldassare Castiglione] to be divine punishment for criticism of the dialogue. Valdés and his friends found the story about the bishop of Osma (Oxomensis) [Juan García de Loaysa y Mendoza] amusing, he thinks it is worthy of being included in Pasquillus.

The chancellor was extremely happy about Dantiscus’ letter, he has agreed to all his corrections to the privilege [i.e. the document granting him the title of eques auratus]. Dantiscus is in his good graces. Valdés sends Dantiscus the privilege and a letter to the king [Sigismund I, i.e. a new version of the document releasing Dantiscus from service at the imperial court]. Valdés replies to Dantiscus’ question about Alfonso de Virues – he is friends with him, values his virtues greatly, and forgives his faults. He’s told Dantiscus before that he mediated in appeasing a conflict between Virues and Erasmus [of Rotterdam]. The rumor of the emperor’s planned departure for Granada is false – he will leave Toledo on March 1 for Monserrat, where he will spend Easter and then sail for Italy early in May.

Valdés comments on the story of the pregnant hermaphrodite monk. As he was writing this letter, he was surprised by Perrenot, who read Dantiscus’ letter and they laughed sardonically together. Perrenot sends his regards to Dantiscus even though he wasn’t mentioned by him. The chancellor’s cousins also send their regards: Bartholomaeus, Hieronymus a Ranzo, Georgius who has just arrived from Italy, and Iacobus a Gattinaria, as well as the Genevan official, (officialis Gebenensis) [Eustace Chapuys] and A(ntonius) Longus. Marliano will write to him as promised, and Suarez sends as many regards as there are lies in Marcus Aurelius. Valdés sends his regards to Isabel [Delgada] and the children [Juana Dantisca and Juan Dantisco].

            received Valladolid, [1529]-02-18

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