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Letter #427

Veere, 1529-03-09

English register:

De Schepper complains that he has not received any letter from Dantiscus. He himself has sent letters to Dantiscus through merchants and through the envoys of Margaret of Austria. Dantiscus can get more news from Ulrich Ehinger. He assures him of his lasting attachment. He will give Dantiscus an extensive account of his successful embassy to Poland and of his report to King Ferdinand, whenever they meet again in person.

He asks Dantiscus to confirm the rumours about Jean Lalemand. He is curious about the role of the Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara] in the changes that have occurred. He hints at the less favourable opinion of the Vice-Chancellor [Balthasar Merklin] at the court of Margaret of Austria.

He is detained in the Netherlands by the affairs of King Ferdinand. Moreover, the weather is so bad that it is madness to sail to Spain. Even the short crossing from Flanders to Zeeland, together with his wife [Elisabeth Donche] and the family, proved extremely dangerous. He refers to his earlier prediction about the difficult journey back to Spain. He will wait for a more favourable season and he urges Dantiscus to warn him if he returns to Poland in the meantime.

He supposes Dantiscus is still in Spain, and that Jan Lewicki is with him. Dantiscus should inform him about the intentions of the Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara], and the intended journey of the Emperor [Charles V] to Italy. De Schepper will rely on this information for his own decisions. He has tried in vain to refute the false rumours that the Polish King [Sigismund I] has joined an alliance of the French and English with the Voivode [John Zápolya]. The English King [Henry VIII] has sent a member of the Höchstetter firm as ambassador to King Ferdinand. On behalf of the French King [Francis I] and himself, he offers Ferdinand a large sum for the war against the Turks, if he cedes the cities that have been taken by the Voivode.

A Diet will be held at Speyer, where Ferdinand will be present. The mission of the Bishop of Malta [Balthasar Merklin von Waldkirch] seems to be yielding few results. In the Netherlands there is a truce with the French, and no problems with the English. De Schepper strongly disapproves of a possible marriage of Polish Princess Jadwiga to Gustav I Vasa, termed by him the 'pseudo-King' of Sweden. His kingship has no future, is unlawful and lacks the support of the Swedish nobility. From the Netherlands, Søren Nørby will be commanding the fleet against England or Denmark. Meanwhile King Christian stays in Brabant, neglecting his duties. The news about the Turks is disturbing. De Schepper is concerned about the spread of the Reformation and Anabaptism, esp. in the regions of the Meuse, Mosel and Rhine.

He wants to be recommended to the Chancellor for a position at the chancery, and he inquires about the successor of Lalemand and the Bishop of Malta.

From Veere in Zeeland his wife and her family, as well as the abbot of Middelburg [Maximiliaan I of Burgundy] and the painter Jan Gossart recommend themselves to Dantiscus. He himself sends greetings to dantiscus’ paramour [Isabel Delgada].

In the first postscript he asks Dantiscus to write through the Fuggers or the Welsers in Antwerp.

In the second postscript he informs Dantiscus that he will contact several court relations to intervene for a further appointment in Germany, and for the regulation of his emoluments. He asks the support of Dantiscus and indicates the factor of Welsers in Antwerp as his intermediary.

            received Barcelona, [1529]-05-06

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