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Letter #492

Innsbruck, 1530-05-09

English register:

De Schepper is disappointed by Dantiscus' long absence. His other friends also look forward to his arrival. On behalf of Dantiscus he has offered a hoof [or an ointment?] (ungula) to [Hendrik of] Nassau.

[Jan] Lewicki has left Trent, probably for Venice. He borrowed a sum from the Margrave [Johann-Albrecht of Brandenburg], allegedly to pay for a privilege.

De Schepper has no news about Dantiscus' brother Bernhard [von Höfen].

In an interview with De Schepper the King of Hungary [Ferdinand I] made serious allegations against [Jan and Hieronim] Łaski. They seem to have obtained domains in Transylvania, i.a. Sibiu. There is no news about the Turks. Yesterday the Queen dowager [Mary of Hungary] and the present Queen of Hungary [Anna Jagiellon] arrived in Innsbruck. De Schepper received a letter from Erasmus [of Rotterdam], who recommends himself to Dantiscus, and praises his Sylva [De nostrorum temporum calamitatibus]. Erasmus wrote a treatise on the war against the Turks, which the Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara] read on the advice of De Schepper. The Chancellor is recovering from dysentery.

The others are in good health. The Elector of Saxony [Johann der Beständige] arrived in Augsburg, in the company of [Martin] Luther, [Philipp] Melanchthon, [Justus] Jonas and Pomeranus [Johannes Bugenhagen]. The high nobility [of the Empire] is expected there. The Chancellor’s company will stay in Augsburg for 10-12 days. A regional diet [Landtag] on resisting the Turks will be held in Hall [in Tyrol].

De Schepper is in doubt about his personal affairs and is waiting to make a decision until the Chancellor has recovered. He will be able to intervene for Hilarius [Bertholf].

Dantiscus must join him soon. De Schepper sends his letter through the envoy of the Duke of Mantua [Federico II Gonzaga]. He transmits the greetings of the Abbot of Middelburg [Maximiliaan of Burgundy]. Antonio [de Leiva] recommends himself to Dantiscus.

            received Mantua, [1530]-05-18

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