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Letter #493

Innsbruck, 1530-05-27

English register:

In his last letter, De Schepper complained about the lack of news concerning Dantiscus and his brother Bernhard [von Höfen]. Neither could Johann von Wied give him any news about Dantiscus. However Bernhard has returned. The Chancellor [Mercurino Gattinara] has recovered from a life-threatening illness, and he leaves on Monday. De Schepper congratulates Dantiscus on his appointment as bishop.

King Christian has arrived in Innsbruck. He has turned away from Lutheranism and is planning an invasion of Sweden at the request of the Bishops expelled by Gustav Eriksen. He is negotiating with the Emperor [Charles V] concerning support. As a result De Schepper has gained the favour of the Emperor and King Ferdinand, who appreciate his zeal.

The princes [of the Empire] are in Augsburg. Wilhelm of Nassau went to meet the Duke of Saxony [Johann or Georg?] in the name of the Emperor. Gattinara's company will leave for Munich.

Some matters in French (negotium in lingua Gallica) have not been settled, while the Latin matters (negotium Latinum) are in De Schepper’s hands.

If he is in Venice, Dantiscus should contact an Antwerp merchant, Nicolao Fernandes, who is staying at the White (or Red) Lion. De Schepper has a commission for him.

De Schepper explains why he has opened one of the letters he received for Dantiscus. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of Dantiscus.


This same day a decision will be made on the request concerning the Danish King [Christian II]. His secretary [Johan Weze] has not arrived yet. He is held in poor esteem because of his misconduct, following the example of his prince. [Johan Weze] wrongly reproaches De Schepper for not defending his interests.

De Schepper does not know what to do about the Ferrarese, as the Chancellor keeps changing his mind.

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