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Letter #5776

Alfonso de VALDÉS to Ioannes DANTISCUS
[Granada?], [1526-09-18 — 1526-12-16?]

English register:

Valdés tells Dantiscus how Talichristus [Álvar Gómez de Ciudad Real] asked him what he thought about his Talichristia. Since Valdés didn’t like the work’s theme, he gave the excuse of not having enough time to read it. He also added that he had heard from learned men that Talichristia was full of barbarisms, solecisms and metric errors, which Talichristus took as a compliment. Valdés praised Dantiscus to Talichristus, who in response asked him to persuade Dantiscus to read and review another little book of his [probably Musa Paulina, ed. 1529-08-13], pointing out any mistakes (portenta) and evaluating the whole. Valdés is sending it to Dantiscus. In his view, the book is similar to Talichristia and Dantiscus might find it amusing. He asks him to return the Reply to the French Defense (Refutatio Gallicae defensionis) and Pasquillus if he no longer needs it.

Manuscript sources:
1copy in Latin, 18th-century, BK, 222, No. 47, p. 184 (c.p. 1)
2copy in Latin, 18th-century, BCz, 40 (TN), No. 254, p. 974-975

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8241 (TK 3), a.1529, f. 23

1CEID 2/3 (Letter No. 5) p. 139-140 (in extenso; English register; Polish register)
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