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Letter #614

Bruges, 1531-04-15

English register:

If De Schepper had known Dantiscus would come to Ghent before Easter, he would have postponed his departure to meet him there. But the Margave [Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg] had told him that Dantiscus would spend Easter in Antwerp.

The Emperor [Charles V] will not return to Ghent before Easter, so there is no reason why Dantiscus should not come and visit De Schepper tomorrow in Bruges. It is only a short journey. De Schepper will show him a gigantic and well-crafted globe. Whenever the Emperor returns, he will accompany Dantiscus back to Ghent.

All his acquaintances in Bruges insist that Dantiscus should come. There is a lot worth seeing; a crossing to Zeeland is easily possible. De Schepper will answer the Ciceronian letter [or: will answer in a more Ciceronian style?] (Ciceronianis litteris) when he is in the mood for it.

De Schepper’s wife [Elisabeth Donche] and her sister [Joanna] send Dantiscus greetings and wait impatiently for his visit.

            received Ghent (Gandavum), [1531]-04-15

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