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Letter #650

Jan van FEVIJN to Ioannes DANTISCUS
Bruges, 1531-07-14

English register:

Mark Laurijn was able to persuade Fevijn to put his hesitation aside and write to Dantiscus. He gave in to Laurijn’s argument that Dantiscus is not only a true friend even to those he has met only recently, but also spontaneously attracts affection.

Fevijn has a good reputation and is a devoted friend. For a long time he had yearned to meet Dantiscus, but even after this he cannot withhold himself from expressing his devotion to Dantiscus in a letter. He is a staunch herald of Dantiscus, and, although not very learned himself, he is a great admirer of distinguished literati.

Countless people have inquired about Dantiscus since he departed from Bruges. Even when he was staying in Bologna, Dantiscus' talents were highly praised by De Schepper, and in Fevijn’s view he surpasses anyone. Fevijn asks to be included in Dantiscus’ circle of friends, but does not aspire to a prominent place. That he sends Dantiscus this verbose and insignificant letter is due to the insistence of Laurijn.

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