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Letter #717

s.l., 1531-11-28

English register:

It is impossible for Uutenhove to reciprocate Dantiscus' kindness and humanity. Dantiscus not only deigned to include such a worthless fellow as Uutenhove in his circle of friends, but he even took the trouble of sending him his greetings and also a copy of his Victoria Serenissimi Poloniae Regis. This is for Uutenhove the most precious gift, as he has an enormous sympathy for the Poles and feels drawn to them.

The interests of the Christian religion should be a priority, but the way the Christian princes neglect these interests makes him fear the Turks will take advantage of this carelessness to conquer and oppress their countries, and they will only become aware of their negligence when it is too late. He does not elaborate further on this theme because it is not safe to express one's opinion.

Of the copies Dantiscus sent him, he gave one to Willem De Waele, one to the Lord Secretary [Omaar van Edingen] and one to the high-bailiff [Frans van der Gracht]. He kept the fourth copy for himself. Everybody was extremely pleased with this gift. He has conveyed Dantiscus' greetings to the high-bailiff and the bailiff [Arendt Sturm] and to Iodoca, Livina, and to his own sister; they all greet him back. Their buffoon Robbius, who carries this letter, wants to be recommended. Being versed in both languages, endowed with a remarkable modesty and a close friend of Uutenhove, he will be a pleasant guest.

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