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Letter #7238

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Antonio PUCCI
before 1539-08, perhaps ca. 1539-04-21
            received Rome, 1539-08
Letter lost, reconstructed on the basis of IDL 2228: Litteras Reverendissimae Paternitatis Vestrae reverendissimo cardinali Santcorum Quattuor directas diligenter, dum nuper in Augusto a pontifice vocatus Urbem venisset, praesentavi iuncta commendatione accurata et diligenti. Qui litteris lectis excusationem, quoad tempus expeditionis ecclesiae Culmensis, humanissime suscepit ac omnem operam in negotiis Reverendissimae Paternitatis Vestrae pollicebatur.
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