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Letter #886

Innsbruck, 1533-01-25

English register:

De Schepper is very worried that he has had no news of Dantiscus. Yet he has written regularly, and he has also received several other letters from Poland.

He insists that Dantiscus should write. He himself will follow the King of the Romans [Ferdinand I] to Hungary. Enclosed with this letter he sends two letters from Dantiscus’ paramour [Isabel Delgada]. He conveys greetings from Count Johann Montfort. He comments on the treaty to be concluded by the Emperor [Charles V] in Italy. The Pope [Clement VII] secretly urges the princes to a council.

The Emperor will travel to Milan and Genoa. The envoys of the Duke of Saxony [Johann Friedrich] have not yet obtained the investiture. [Christoph] the young Duke of Württemberg is secretly in Bavaria. Furthermore, everything is quiet in Germany. In Bologna the Austrian envoys and two French cardinals are present. Ambassador Claude Dodieu has returned to his King [Francis I of France] and will probably travel to Spain overland. Lodovico Gonzaga was killed during the siege of a fortress.

At court the situation is unchanged. De Schepper will follow King Ferdinand to Hungary. He is solicited by the King of France . The Emperor still treats him in the same way. Before long, De Schepper will know whether he should follow him to Spain. Hieronymus Sailer is at the imperial court. De Schepper will soon leave for Hungary. He feels uncertain about the outcome of the negotiations and he suspects that the matter will still be entrusted to Poland.

He recommends himself to Dantiscus and Campensis. For quite a while he has not received any letters from Flanders. Godschalk [Ericksen] will follow the Emperor to Spain. De Schepper does not believe that [Louis] van Praet will return to Flanders.

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