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Letter #902

Vienna, 1533-03-01

English register:

After Dantiscus left Regensburg De Schepper received only one short letter, announcing Dantiscus' departure for his diocese. He is worried about the absence of any letters from Dantiscus and blames him for neglecting his friends. Currently he only has his colleague the Archbishop of Lund [Johan Weze] to share his concerns. Both are so alarmed by the lack of news about Dantiscus that they fear that he is no longer alive. De Schepper urges him to write back. He asks Dantiscus to pass a message through some acquaintance in Poland, who keeps correspondence with the imperial court, if he cannot write a letter himself. Soon he and Johan Weze will be in Hungary, where Dantiscus can write to him without any problem.

There is little worth reporting; the situation is unchanged. In April the Emperor [Charles V] will join the Empress [Isabella of Portugal] in Barcelona; in the autumn they will cross to Naples. The King of England [Henry VIII] will be excommunicated if he refuses to take back his repudiated wife [Catherine of Aragon].

De Schepper asks Dantiscus to send him a cask of Gdańsk beer, and conveys the greetings of Johan Weze.

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