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Ioachimus Camerarius (Joachim Kammermeister) (*1500 – †1547), humanist, scholar, writer, and translator of numerous Greek works, friend of Melanchton and Helius Eobanus, acquaintance of Luther and Erasmus of Rotterdam

Correspondence between Dantiscus and Ioachimus CAMERARIUS

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1IDL  778 Ioachimus CAMERARIUS to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Nuremberg, 1532-04-25

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Latin, UUB, H. 154, f. 81
2copy in Latin, 18th-century, SUB, Sup. Ep. 4041, No. 3, f. 4r-v
3copy in Latin, 18th-century, SBB, MS Lat. Quart. 101, No. 3, f. 10v-11v
4copy in Latin, 18th-century, SLUB, C 110, f. 12v-13v
5copy in Latin, 18th-century, BCz, 1366, p. 63-64
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8copy in Latin, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8242 (TK 4), a.1531, f. 28

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8246 (TK 8), f. 321
2register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8247 (TK 9), f. 56
3register in English, 20th-century, CBKUL, R.III, 30, No. 58

1AT 14 No. 205, p. 322-323 (in extenso; Polish register)
2DE VOCHT 1961 No. DE, 212, p. 139 (English register)
Etsi non ignorabam cum tuas occupationes maiores ... 

Texts where mentioned Ioachimus CAMERARIUS

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1IDL  796 Helius EOBANUS Hessus (KOCH) to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Nuremberg, 1532-06-12
2IDL  800 Helius EOBANUS Hessus (KOCH) to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Nuremberg, 1532-06-20
3IDL 6195 Melchior ISINDERUS to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Königsberg, 1546, [shortly before April 28]    (dedicatory letter)
4IDL 2958 Melchior ISINDERUS to Ioannes DANTISCUS, Königsberg, 1546-04-28