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Poem #33

In effigiem suam 1
written after 1519-07-06 first edition 1764-04-30 — 1764-12-31

Early printed source materials:
1DANTISCUS 1764 (In effigiem suam depictam in Hispania) p. 166 (in extenso)

1DANTISCUS 1938 (Epigram na portret własny namalowany Hiszpanji) No. 23. 1, p. 202 (Polish translation, Jan Michał HARHALA)
2Dantisci Carmina (In effigiem suam) No. 27. 1, p. 133-134
3Antologia 1985 (Na swój własny wizerunek) p. 227 (Polish translation, Edwin JĘDRKIEWICZ)
4DANTISCUS 1973, 1987 (In effigiem suam / Na wizerunek własny) p. 78-79 (in extenso; Polish translation, Anna KAMIEŃSKA)
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